Magical Manifesting

Magical Manifesting. Bring your life to life! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Hello Love Birds!!!

Have you ever invited change into your life ... like you'll exercise more or you'll eat better or whatever it is you've wanted or needed to change ... but somehow, some way, your invitation gets lost in the mail?




Mindful change.

Making our lives an even better place to be.

Becoming who we want to be.

All very worthwhile and worthy of you and your life, so I got to thinking, how can I help my precious-hearted peeps actually do something meaningful?  Create lasting, positive change?  Make something good of those intentionsBecome the blossoming love bird they want to be?

You had an idea.  A motivation.  A need.

But then, that want/need/motivation, ... it goes by the wayside.

Let's see if we can change that.  Let's get you that change!  Let's help you make a positive difference in your life!

Rest to manifest. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Making Change!

How Mary Kate?  How do I make this change?  I want to grow this new thing into my life, but I seem to lose to my way.  Ya know.  Life is hard.  I'm busy.  I realized my change was taking too much time. ... I got distracted ... etc, etc, etc.

Well, Sweet Pea ... most change does take time.  A bit of effort.  But what if I could give you a concrete, straight-forward, no-frills, step-wise plan to ensure your success?

Let's help you take your intention from "nice idea" to real, positive change in your life?

Oh, and BTW ... this is not a sales pitch, lol.  But seriously.

I'm for realz gonna share my magical, change-making goodness with you right here and right now.

Manifest your fresh start. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

How to Manifest

Ze Steps!

(said with a French accent, to be cute and fancy and fun)

  1. What do you want/need?  What change are you looking for?  Define it.  Visualize it.  Write it out.  Doodle it on a piece of paper.  Scribble it on your phone/tablet/digital device of choice.  What? Do? You? Want?  ... See it.  Know it.  Be clear and detailed.
  2. ASK for it.  Ask the universe.  The universe is filled with ebbing and flowing energy.  It is filled with everything we need and want.  So let the universe in on what you want/need.  This way the universe knows and can feel your desires and can get on your side to help you!  (Additional ways to ask: meditation, prayer, focused thoughts, lighting a candle and sending your wish into the stars with the flame, etc.)
  3. Dig in.  Help the universe help you!  The universe is a place of energy and abundance, and it gives to you in the form of energy.  So you - with your arms, legs, body, and mind - are going to have to show the universe you are serious and help make this dream/want/need come true (Yep, I just sneakily upgraded to potential dream status stuff, too!) ... (I mean, hey? Why not?  The universe has it all, so why not think as big or as small as we want? ... But remember ... the universe is energy ... youz gotsta use that energy to make your ASK happen.)
  4. Trust. Faith. Patience.  Trust that what you ASK is there and coming to you.  Trust.  Believe.  See it.  Know it.  Feel it.  And be ready.
  5. See/note the signs.  Pay attention to your progress.  The little/big steps that come your way.  See the signs.  Note them, and realize you are getting closer and closer to receiving your ASK.
  6. Give gratitude for every step you get closer and closer.  You are making progress!
  7. "Increase your vibration."  (I love this step ... and it, along with the foundations of this list, comes from a HuffPost article I read ... worth the read.)  I hear "increase your vibration," and I hear ... "GO FULL ON PINK!!!"  Oh, yaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  :0)
  8. Overcome your "blocks."  Overcome doubt.  Overcome negativity.  Overcome the behaviors, thoughts, actions, ... the "whatever" ... that is keeping you from reaching your ASK.
  9. Receive your ASK with GRATITUDE!!!!

Now, maybe I should've started at the top of my chat with this next bit I'm about to mention.  I kinda buried the lead.  But there's a foundation, a fabric, a backdrop from which you need to operate on in this step-wise ASK-rewarding approach ...

Remember ... the universe is energy.  So.  Positive energy in, gets you positive energy out.  And vice versa.

So ... if you vibrate smiles, love, can-do, will-do, gratituding-goodnesss ... that's gonna come back to you.  Triumph!  (Feel free to say it with a French accent for fun!) And squee!

But if you boo-face it.  Nay say it.  Doubt it.  Or sabotage yourself willingly or unwillingly ... Well.  Le sigh.

What we are talking about here is called "manifesting."

Manifesting is a process.  A concept.  A way of approaching life.  A way of channeling your goodness and energy into creating the life you want to live!  ... And if I've just walked you into a "woo woo" territory that makes you fidgety in your seat ... hang on for a few ... I'll make it worth your read and time! :0)

Magical Manifesting: How To

Bringing your life to life!!!!

How to Manifest: The steps. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Manifesting steps summarized for you in a handy-dandy, reference digi-art!

I've been interviewing blossoms who practice the art of manifesting in their lives, and the upcoming Positudes are summaries of their gained insight and wisdom from their practice. They share this with you for encouragement and support!

Manifesting Musts. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Skeptic?  It's okay ... I was, too.

A PINK-hearted, health & wellness promoting, life coaching, educating, mentoring, previous life and pharmaceutical scientist like me ... I came open to the idea of manifesting (having been hearing the word dropped into a zillion conversations by blossoms I know over the last 2 years and wanting to share concrete helpful goodness with you) ... but I also came with a bit of skepticism on the woo-woo sounding concept.  "Unh-huh, sure ... I'm sure you manifested that money right on into your account."

I wasn't sure or convinced ... at first.

One of the things I have found as I've been researching the practice of manifesting, is that like many other practices, it is open to interpretation.  And from interviewing the above blossoms, I can affirm my finding.  Each blossom I spoke with has a different approach, different way of thinking about her practice, and different motivations for her manifestation practice.

However, I also readily recognized core patterns and essential elements practiced by each of these beautiful souls!  (My research, these interviews, and my own experimentation with my new found manifesting practice helped me create the list of steps I provided above.  Those steps are the core of manifesting success!)

When I think of manifesting, I think of it as a form of project management:

  • goal setting with activated actions steps and progress assessment along the way
  • with your life and intentions being your project
  • buuuut project management high on the fumes of PINK POSITIVITY, a will-do attitude, trust, patience, and the universe as an energy-granting, gotch-yo-back teammate!

Manifesting is some seriously life-altering awesomeness!

I'm a newby.  Just getting started.  And I've already been manifesting wellness and goodness into my life that I didn't have before.  And I'm so PINK, I'm giddy over the moon!

This isn't to say I didn't hit snags in my efforts.  It is a PRACTICE after all.  When I tried and failed, I saw where I "stood in my own way."  When I succeeded, I saw great satisfaction in overcoming my own blocks and self-defeating behavior.

Because manifesting is often misunderstood or discounted ... met with doubt ... I have been on a scientific/investigatory journey over the last month.  Reading, researching, learning, growing, interviewing peeps who manifest to hear their thoughts and experiences, and ultimately, trying it out for myself!

There's so much I've learned and experienced and now have to offer; I'll blog about it for those who want a deeper dive.

But for here, in our Love Letter, know this (from an original skeptic): IT WORKS!!!

Manifesting Works! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Manifesting Works!  Bring your life to life!


If you want it.  If you want positive change.  If you are willing to live it.  Manifesting will change your life ... how you live ... how you think ... how you approach your needs and wants.

Manifesting is a practice.  Something you grow.

For instance ... one does not run a marathon on their first ever attempt at running.  It takes practice.  Time.  effort.

So ... don't be all like: Hey, Universe! I want a million dollars!

Remember, you've got to come at your ASK with clarity, will-do, trusting, and go gettem positivity.

Don't expect the universe to just drop a million dollars on your lap if all you do is throw the thought out.  There's more to it than that.

Buuuuutttt ... if you follow those steps listed above ... with the universe on your side, being for you all the way, ... you will manifest this goodness in your life!

Manifesting is life-changing!  It's powerful!  It's empowering!

Getting rid of negative thoughts. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Manifesting is founded in positive thinking.  Here's what you can do to get rid of those pesky negative thoughts.

As I mentioned, for manifesting to work, you have to get positive!  You have to channel your PINK, your love, your positivity, and you have to let go of your hesitations, negativity, doubt.

And sometimes that can be hard.

Since I've been on my deeper wellness journey (started at the beginning of 2020 with my onset of scary, hard health challenges), I've come to embrace the words:

Let it go.

However, sometimes, it's not as easy as letting it go.  I try, but "it" is still there.  Especially when my anxiety screams or I get a panic attack.

While interviewing my beautiful blossoms, one interviewee - Cheri Roberts - said to me something along the lines of:

Let it go? (In reference to negative thoughts) ... Where they gonna go?  You let them go, and they just hang around.  Sometimes you gotta push that negative thought into a corner and tell it to eat a sandwich.

O! M! G!

First, I laughed at the image.  But.  It resonated with me so BIG!  And honest to the heavens ... it freaking works!  I've been shoving my negative, nay-saying, doubting thoughts and words into a corner, telling them to eat a sandwich, and it's working!

I'm laughing right now thinking that I've shoved so many thoughts into a corner now that there's a Cafe Noir where my negative thoughts go to die, after first being fed a nutrient-dense, wellness sandwich.  They either eat the sandwich and turn positive, or they die.

And good riddance.

Just in this part of the manifesting practice alone, I've been feeling such a weight lifted off of my shoulders.  I've been feeling SO MUCH MORE POSITIVE!!!  (And you might be thinking, "As if that could be possible, MK ... How in the world could you get any PINKer???")


... But remember, I'm human ... with scary health challenges ... living in a world gone amuckHappiness During the Pandemic? ... and I have stellar anxiety!

The negative thoughts ... they come.

And they suck.  They try to tell me the worst, most terrible things.

But now I am getting pretty good at pushing those self-defeating beasties aside.  And I will continue to grow this strength in me ... as it comes with such relief from the mental darkness.

And let's be real ... negative thoughts are in fact self-defeat attacking you.  Fight back!  ... I am!

Get your positivity on, and get your life back!

Word Choice Matters for Manifesting. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Word Choice Matters for Manifesting

Word choice is powerful!

Lastly for our Manifesting Woo Woo Awesomeness: Let's talk Can Do versus Am Doing!

In positive reaffirmations and oracles and posituding, you'll see encouraging words like:

You can do this!

And by the way, yes, you can do this!  So I don't want to minimize the impact of the messaging ... sometimes, it's exactly what we need to hear.

But here.  Listen to these words:

I AM doing "it."

Can we get through this pandemicYes.

But better.

We ARE getting through it!

Can Do is EmpoweringAm Doing is POWER!

Every time you do something good for yourself ... acknowledge your accomplishment.  Acknowledge your success.  Acknowledge the goodness you have activated in you and your life!

I can lose weight.  I AM losing weight.

I can get healthy.  I AM getting healthy.

I can be happy.  I AM happy.

BE.  BEcome.

Update from Can-Do to Am-Doing!

BEcome the you you want to BE!  Live the life you want to live!

Grow the goodness you want to embody into you and your life!

And if you want, use the PINK-powered, Universe-Assisted, Dream-Achieving, Magical Manifesting steps given to you here to help you!

When bad things happen to good people with good intentions ...

Honestly, I can’t in good conscience share manifesting with you … as what is ostensibly a philosophical way of living and being without addressing the objection – the hard question.  Because in truth, I asked the same question.

How do you explain horrid things?  Are you trying to tell me that good people who have horrid things happen to them manifest the horrid thing … like you’re blaming them for their own tragedy?

Just to be clear, my answer is a HARD NO.  I don’t believe people purposely manifest a tragedy.  I believe people manifest a goodness, a something they want … like going to Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England.  The tragedy is their manifestation aligned with the terrorizing manifestation of a suicide-bomber.

Manifesting is a directing of energies ... not all people are channeling loving energy.

When bad things happen = The confluence of 2 opposing manifestations.

The concert-going intention had NO WAY of knowing about the terrorizing intention.  It’s terrible.  It’s shitty.  And in cases like these, we may want to scream at the universe.  We may want to know WTH it’s thinking.  We may want to challenge the universe.  It is the way of tragedy, loss, and grief.  But … and just to be clear – I’m NO physicist. I’m just working with my understanding of the science … overall the universe is energetically neutral with a balance of both positively and negatively flowing energy.  There is positive energy, and there is negative energy.  And sometimes positive and negative intentions collide to tragic outcomes.  Other times, positive intentions overpower the negative.

What I'm left with is ... honestly ... a core guiding principle: live in love, do my best, share my best, and carry on.  Live with hope.  Live with positive intention and goodness.  And ask for light and love to surround me and protect me.  Hope.  Love.  Kindness.  ... There are no guarantees, but we can be the good in life, if we choose.

Be Love. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Where did Manifesting come from anyway?

One last note on Manifesting.  Who thought this up?  How did it become a thing?

Manifesting is based on the law of attraction from New Thought spirituality ... law of attraction ... that's the whole channel positive energy to get positive energy back thing.  Cheri Roberts from above has read the book(s) and is a lifelong practitioner of Manifesting.  She walks the walk and talks the talk.  She is truly amazing, and honestly the most lit-up, incredibly positive person I know.  She brings amazing light into the world!  She and her life are an inspiration and a testimonial in manifesting.  She's a real life case study.  I found her conviction encouraging, and she is truly the Cheri (cherry on top) to get me to try this 'woo woo' magic.  I give immense gratitude for her time and share, as even in my ever beginning manifesting practice, I am seeing so much goodness come from my efforts and evolving mindset.  POSITIVE POWER, peeps.  Positive Power!  :0)

Well Love Birds, I hope I've helped you gain a deeper understanding of Manifesting ... along with some powerful, actionable know-how to make positive change in your life!

You are beautiful!  You are loved!  Thank you for sharing this growing, loving time with me!

Be safe!  Feel my ginormous hug!  Know that I love you SO BIG!


MK  :0)

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

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