Overcoming Negativity Pep Talk

Overcoming Negativity Pep Talk. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Overcoming Negativity Pep Talk

Negativity talks loud.  Let's be louder!

Ever notice how loudly negativity talks?

Whether it’s the voice in your head sprinkling, or worse, showering you with toxic thoughts, the voice is loud.  It resonates.  You hear it.  It confirms your fears and fuels your anxieties.

In the world around us, mean people, bullies, hate speech, intolerance … it’s all so loud!  Amplified beyond any reasonable value.

We hear about the hateful things someone did, or said.  We hear about the angst and discontent.  We hear negativity ringing through with volume that can be deafening.

Yet, when we say positive things, give compliments, gush about the goodness, and do good things, it’s acoustic without the amp.  It’s like a whisper, barely floating on the sound waves.

Why is that?

Why do we gravitate toward the negativity so easily?

Why do we focus on horrible people with only garbage to spew?

Why do we listen so intently to the toxic thoughts … and with such convinced belief?

Why not honor ourselves and our accomplishments with glorious, resounding, megaphone penetration????

Have you ever said, “I’m my own worst critic?”

If so, perhaps this is the time to stop saying it.

If so, perhaps this is the time to stop focusing on your “flaws,” and start relishing in the good things about you!

You are so much more than the negativity in your life - in our world.  Be the first to stand up for you ... overcoming the negativity starts with you!

Be Loud!  Be Love!

You are a bright star!  Let your love, positivity, kindness, gratitude, ... and overall and AMAZING goodness be heard!

Overcoming Negativity Pep Talk. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

If we don’t show ourselves self-love and self-respect, why on earth would anyone else do it?  We should be the example for how we want to be treated.

We should show others our gentleness, our kindness towards ourselves … we should show them how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.  And then this becomes the standard by which we invite others into our lives.

If they can’t treat you as well as you treat yourself, then why would you keep them?

The world seems to have taken a bit of messy spill out there in aisle 4 of the universe.

We hear the anger.  We hear the self-serving entitlement.  We hear the intolerance.   We hear the unsettled, uprising volatility of a world needing/wanting/restlessly jostling to vent.

Anger.  Negativity.  Argument.  Loud and noisy.  And unsettling.

Our world is feeling uncertain.

And the truth of it is, most of that is beyond our control.  And time spent on things beyond our control is arguably wasted and unhealthy time.

I invite you … Focus on what you can do for you that will help you cope and help.  That will help you feel well and healthy.  That will foster goodness and happiness in your life.


Overcoming negativity can be done!  It starts in your heart.  In your mind.  In your thoughts.  In your words.  In your actions.  In how you treat yourself and others.  In how you perceive the world.  In how you grow your life.

You are So Unique!  So Beautiful!  So Bright!  Shine Love, Shine!!!!

Overcoming Negativity Pep Talk. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

I invite you to pick up the megaphone to your positivity and be heard!

It seems to me the negativity needs to be challenged.  Met with positivity, good will, determination, and a desire to create a better world.  More love.  More kindness.  More happiness.  More healthiness.

Don’t let negativity be the voice that guides you.  You are bright, beautiful, and loved!

You have goodness to share!

You have goodness to live and be!

You are made of stardust and starlight brightened by your amazing uniqueness!  Grow what you feel needs to be grown.  And shine with all you’ve got!

The only way to make positivity be heard and be loud is for us to value it, live it, and shine it so bright we drown out the negativity darkness.

Together, you and me … we got this!

I love you so much!!!  Thank you for sharing this Positivity Pep Talking time with me!

I hope you feel inspired!  Lit up and ready to be loud!

Let's be LOUD!  Let's be LOVE!  Let's be POSITIVE!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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