What Exactly are POSitudes?

POSitudes. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

What Exactly Are POSitudes?

Okay. So, the other day I was having a conversation with a fellow biz chick, and she asked me, “What exactly are P. O. S. itudes?”

Instantly stunned ... I thought: P. O. S. itudes? … as in Piece Of Shiz itdues?


I’m still cracking up.  But also freaking out.

Here I’ve been thinking that POSitudes as a mixy word was super obvious for being POSITIVE + Attitudes blendy'd together to make a new, cool, all-in-one, get-it-done, POSitudes … buuuuut ... I guess not.

So, well then ... lemme clear this up!

What exactly are POSitudes?

Glad you asked.  (Or I would've never know there was confusion out there.)

POSitudes are they way every blossom who wants to live a happy, healthy life should be thinking, acting, and channeling!

Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs. POSitudes

POSitudes = POSitive + attitudes!

I've been spelling POSitudes with a capital POS, because once upon a time I spent considerable time being a health scientist, and in chemistry, for short, we use POS for positive and NEG for negative.  So POSitude was just an obvious go to for me.  However ... to get swapped into "piece of shiz" by non-chemistry folk ... uh ... ???

Looks like we're due for an capital letter emphasis change.  So from here on out ... it will just be Positude ... a happy combination of positive and attitude!

Every blossom already has some Positudes built into her life, just from living, learning, and listening ... but I take it a step further.

I reflect on my life, the ideas, thoughts, words, images ... anything that helps me cope, heal, feel better, smile, laugh, ... All The Good Things ... and then I tap into my doodlebug juiciness and art things up with AWESOMELY positive, loving images + words + reminders to help, not just me, but any blossom who sees them.

My goal is to brighten my day and yours, and to guide our ways ... for when we get a bit too busy to remember the little things that make a big difference!

The little things can really make a big difference!

Like remembering to take a healing breath.  Like remembering to spend time doing something you love.  Remembering to do the little self-care things that make a big ginormous difference.

That's what Positudes are for me:

  • Guiding questions to keep me on the right path
  • Loving thoughts to hold me tight
  • Positive reaffirmations to bolster me up
  • Purposeful actions to take me forward
  • Gentle, supportive reminders to keep me focused on the really good stuff in life
  • Big Hugs to love me so big and make me smile

Here’s some examples of my doodlebugging, juicy, loving Posituding happiness for you!  I've put together a short compilation of a few of my Positudes (I actually have hundreds!).  So, please ...

Come breathe with me in this minute video book of Positudes!  Give yourself a minute to just breathe and be, and enjoy this moment in Positude.

Welcome back from your minute of loving self-care and breathing!

As I was saying, Positudes are meant to help you!  To love you and pick you up.  Life can be crazy, hectic, overwhelming, busy, splattered with negativity, etc … and Positudes are reminders, thoughts, and ways of being and living to help you cope and counteract all of that … they help you guide your actions toward more positive and healthier living.  They help you feel better and make you smile.  When practiced regularly, they grow goodness and wellness into your being and living, and just all around make your life a happier place to be!

I use my Positudes daily.  I have them on my phone in ebook form.  I have them in video form for reflection in my yoga room.  I have them on my computer.  I have them sprinkled throughout my space to keep me smiling and living goodness!

One of my favorite times to reflect and meditate on my Positudes is when I'm wrapping up my daily yoga practice with my paced-breathing-legs-up-the-wall time.  I breathe and watch my reflection video and reflect, meditate, and envision ... it's absolutely delightful and makes me feel so good!

If you are interested in more of my Positudes (thank you for loving them!), I am finding ways to offer them to you.  You can experience them in a number of ways:

The best way to let them help you is however they call to you, but what I find helpful is to read the words ... and really let them sink in ... enjoy the accompanying art ... but feel the meaning of the Positude.  Then I think about how this Positude can guide me in this moment, and even this day.  I become mindful of how the Positude makes me feel.

Well, Beautiful Blossom!  Thank you for being here with me!  I hope this shared time has brightened your day!  I hope you feel my love and big hugs!  I hope you enjoy this moment we are in, and the rest of your day!  I hope I've helped you smile big!


Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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