About Mary Kate

About Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Mary Kate's Mission:

To be SO BRIGHT (with love and big hugs) the world's gonna need shades!

I'm all about love, happiness, healthiness, positivity, gratitude, ... straight up growing wellness into my life and helping you do it, too!

How Am I Doing This?

Every way I can!

But here in this web'n world, I'm doing my best to bring all this happy goodness to you through:

Over the years, I've found I'm really good at:

  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Opening doors and shining lights on pathways previously unseen
  • Helping people feel loved and smile big
  • Helping peeps see the goodness in their lives they didn't even know they had in them or their lives
  • Helping peeps grow goodness into their lives from sharing the lessons I have learned from my experiences, my wisdom gained, and useful tidbits from my education

I'm really focused on growing myself, and if you are interested, I am really focused on helping you grow yourself, too! 

I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk and make sure it's a happy path before I share it with you ... I take the guess work out of happy, healthy wellness for you in every way I can!

I do my best to help you feel better, smile brighter, and glow brightly with love, goodness, and wellness!

If this sounds juicy and delightful to you, I invite you to enjoy the goodness flowing out of me and my heart to you and yours!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

Mary Kate's Official Bio:

Mary Kate Kopec is a passionate Women’s Health (Happiness & Wellness) Educator, Friendly Success Guide, Author, Advocate, & Researcher.

She loves to help women go from living sick, tired, and unhappy lives to feeling vibrant, happy, positive, and healthy again!

With over 25 years of experience, and having Master’s Degrees in Human Genetics (plus advanced studies in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology) and Educational Studies: Curriculum Development and Assessment (plus advanced studies in Professional Development), Mary Kate has helped thousands of people grow happiness, positivity, wellness, and success into their lives.

She is the author of 13 (and growing) self-care and success non-fiction books, romance novels, and children’s happiness & healthiness books.

Mary Kate loves and supports nature and the wellness of our earth and all lifeYoga, digi-doodling, and connecting with friends brightens her days.  She happily lives with her lovemuffin under the sunny and starry skies of Michigan near a wetland bog that fills the air with the delightful serenading sounds of frogs and crickets and birds chirping.  She and her husband love visiting any destination along The Great Lakes!

Mary Kate's Origin Story:

About Mary Kate Love and Big Hugs

I'm not the fairy tale, but that's ok!

I'm not the fairy tale.  I'm not perfect.  I struggle with life, anxiety, health, relationship challenges, making friends, balancing my time, ... and on goes this list.  Life happens.  But it's ok.

About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

So many dragons!

For a blip, when I was a wee bit of a kid, I felt loved, and I played and laughed like the other kids.  But when I was 9, everything changed.  My family experienced a devastating trauma, which evolved from an acute event into a chronic existence in negativity.  It fully well altered the course we were on forever.  And my bubbly little self and all that normalcy spiraled into a journey of losing me, gaining fear, and falling into despair.

Early signs of physical health troubles appeared and got worse with time, but went unnoticed until in my early 20's ... I was too busy trying to survive in all the mental and emotional damage that was working overtime to snuff out my wavering, but determined light.

About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

These life challenges nearly broke me.  More than once.

I grew up fast and painfully.  My self-confidence and self-esteem floated near zero, and I constantly deferred to other people.  I let them have control over me.  As a result, I got hurt. A. LOT.

About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

I learned that letting people make choices for me was rarely in my best interest.  They were usually only thinking of themselves. 

I learned I needed to learn how to take care of myself.  I needed to be responsible for myself.  This was both liberating and scary.  My determination and will to survive thrived, but so did my axiety ... I mean, "Hey, this life thing ain't the easiest thing to do.  There's all kinds of stuff that goes wrong.  And I can't possibly know how to do everything.  So how do I keep myself safe and taken care of?"

I learned I needed to learn how to make good choices for myself.  And I needed to decide who I wanted to be, and figure out how to make that happen.

And this launched my healing journey.  Healing me, mentally, emotionally, & physically ... my every molecule.

About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

This journey continues, and my hard work and determination has shown me tremendous success!

By diving into the one thing I knew - I loved science and seemed to be good at it - I began the path toward building self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliability.  These were excellent starts to helping me understand me, what I'm capable of, and what is important to me.

I first became a scientist, and to support myself, I also tutored.  Tutoring was the game changer I didn't see coming.  I didn't realize how much I was going to love helping people!!!

When lab work began to pale in comparison to my desire to help, I left to become a college instructor - mostly teaching people how to do math, not be afraid of it, and to have fun while learning how to be fantastic problem solvers.  This grew into helping people become doctors and dentists as a Pre-health Careers and Success Coach.  Mentoring and public speaking go hand-in-hand with being an educator and a success coach, and my unexpected ability to motivate and inspire my peeps felt good and exciting!  I was helping and making a difference ... and that made a difference in me!

Writing was a big part of my education and work, and before you know it, I became an author writing kid's books, romance, and educational success books!!!

About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

Along the way, I figured out what is important to me!

These values are at the top of my list!  I channel my light, love and energy, and efforts with these as my heart and my guides.  They influence my decisions and nourish my life with my precious lovemuffin!

  • Happiness
  • Healthiness
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Positive & Functional Relationships
  • Gratitude
  • Positivity
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Being Authentic and Genuine
  • PINK (lol, for those of you who know me from being an author ... and PINK just isn't a color, it's my Way of Life!)
  • Helping People, All the Creatures, & the Earth
  • Nurturing and Empowering Self-Growth & -Development
  • Learning Supports to NOT be Afraid so much
  • Helping the Earth support life for far longer than is currently projected
  • Sustainability & Conservation
About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

I am a helper with so much love and care to share!

I have learned who I am in my core.  I am filled with love and big hugs to give!  I am empathetic with a desire to help others so very deeply.  It comes from knowing how badly it feels to not know, to be depressed and lost, to be unloved, to be neglected ... all of the negativity I experienced ... I know how bad it feels, and I have grown beyond it to feel happy, and to work on my healthiness.  So I know it can be done!  And I want to help others feel better, too.

Suffering is a soul crusher.  We need less of that, and more goodness and love.  It took me years and years to let go of the pain and uncertainty, the self-doubt, ... to just be me.  The me that got derailed at 9.  With all my persistence, will to not be crushed, and the love and support of a few dear friends and from my heartfelt love muffin, Pauli, the kid in me is back!  I'm a determined survivor with so many life's lessons learned to share.

I am bringing the positivity I've gained with all my bubbly, happy, genuine, kid-like love and gratitude to you with open, big-hugging arms!!!

About Mary Kate Kopec Love and Big Hugs

Living to be the Ripple!

I want to be the ripple.  The ripple of love and kindness and gratitude and sharing and caring ... all of it ... that helps you to change your life.  To make more happiness and healthiness for you.  Wellness.  Peace.  Love.  ... Goodness to hold you up and walk forward with you!!!  To brighten your days.  And to most definitely love and big hug you tight!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

Love and Big Hugs, Mary Kate!

Here for you and sending so much goodness your way!!!