MK’s Reflections: Reaffirmation and Positivity for Coping with Chronic Illness

Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs! Coping

MK's Reflections: Reaffirmation and Positivity for Coping with Chronic Illness

Hello Beautiful Blossom!
I'm feeling so badly today.  It's one of those days where I start feeling like I'm never going to feel better.  Chronic illness and feeling badly almost every day is the pits.
I know I'm not always going to feel so badly.  I know whatever my symptoms are today, in time, they generally pass.  Sometimes it takes a long, long, long time.  I spent the bulk of 7 years in a bed with chronic fatigue and body weakness.  That's a long bit of time.  Far longer than a 3 day migraine.  Both symptoms suck.  Pain.  Weakness.  Fatigue.  Disability.  ... It can get demoralizing.  Depressing.  And none of the symptoms are ever fun.
But so ... I've been coping with chronic illness and the many symptoms of for a decade now.

Coping with Chronic Illness

And I can tell you the thing that makes chronic illness worse is emotionally and mentally going further down the rabbit hole when trying to cope with the illness.
Facts: Your body does not distinguish between mental, emotional, and physical stresses/challenges like the medical community has made of point of separating them.  Your body is one cohesively, cooperatively, interconnected, interdependent entity of acting systems that must navigate stressors and challenges no matter whether they are mental, emotional, or physical.
So ... the more you can do for each of  your health aspects, the more you can help your whole body heal and cope.
  • Eat well (nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory yummies), hydrate, rest, & rejuventate, and get movement into your body for physical wellness!
  • Engage emotionally and mentally supporting activities for your emotional and mental wellness: smiling, laughing, hugging & loving & connecting with happy peeps, creative efforts & arts, sitting in nature, reassuring yourself with positivity and reaffirmations, and more will help your emotional and mental state.
  • In turn, the better you feel physically, the better you do mentally and emotionally.  Likewise, the better you feel emotionally and mentally, the better you do physically.

Supporting Your Overall Mental, Emotional, & Physical Health and Wellness (and with Chronic Illness)

So today in loving support of your overall mental, emotional, and physical wellness, I give you Positivity and Reaffirmation to help you cope with the challenges in your life and/or chronic illness!

Here are a few of my lil Positivity and Reaffirmation mantras you might find helpful:

  • I am ok.  I am going to be ok.  I am getting better.
  • I am healthy getting healthier.  Stronger getting stronger.  I will heal.
  • I can control my breathing, and when I slow down my breathing and do paced breathing, I reduce my inflammation and stress, which helps me cope and heal.
  • Focus on what is working.
  • Focus on what I can do in the moment to help my body cope and heal with this current challenge.
  • Every little bit I do is better than not doing anything at all for myself and my wellness.
  • I am worth 10 minutes of my time ... to do some yoga, to eat something nutrient-dense, to do some paced breathing, etc ...
  • Stop.  Close your eyes.  Breathe.  What is happening?  What do you need to cope and heal?  Give yourself these things.
  • I can do this ... I AM doing this!
  • Be gentle with myself.
  • Surround myself with peeps who love and support me ... and who will hug me extra lots until I feel better!
  • Love my challenged body and work with myself to navigate this challenge.

Loving You!

So even though I don't feel well, I have a strong toolkit filled with helpers for coping, and I know I just need to gently dig in and take it one breath at a time.  It will pass.  I just need to give myself time and what I need to cope and heal.  And even though I don't feel well right now, it seems like the perfect time to write this to you ... cuz I'm in the moment.  I'm very present with how I feel.  So I can share in authenticity to hopefully be able to help you find your "feeling better again" soon!

I'm sharing in hopes you will feel my pink heart today, even if only faintly ... it's still PINK ... and I'm still loving you big!
Tower Garden by Juice Plus+. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

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