How Joining a Women’s Circle Has Changed My Life!

women's circle. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!
My reflection art from one of our recent circles!

How Joining a Women’s Circle Has Changed My Life!

 Why I even joined …

Until a coupla-few years ago, I’d never even heard of women’s circles.  It wasn’t until I started taking biz courses from an Awesome, wildlife-loving hippie, ocean-loving mermaid, self-made millionaire biz chick, Leonie Dawson, that the concept found its way to me.  Leonie talked about how she started off in her biz with women’s circles and retreats, and I thought, Oooo-kay, that’s weird … but I’m loving the words you are saying about how to make my biz grow … so … goooooooo on!

Well, fast forward to last year when the pandemic/COVID hit.  At the time, I was facing down my own uptick in hormonal health challenges and was really quite ill.  Honestly, at the time, I wasn’t even sure I was going to see my birthday in the summer.  So when Leonie announced she would be offering a month-long wellness “ecourse,” I thought, Yeah, this sounds like something that could maybe help me .. I’ll give it a try.

I needed positivity.  Reaffirmation.  Self-care.  Connection.  Happiness.  And I got it!

What we did …

She, along with a one of her inspirations and guiding lights, Deb Namara, were offering a 4 week Zoom-mediated Soul Circle.  We’d meet once a week for 4 weeks, and during the 90 minutes of wellness and positivity, Leonie and Deb talked about coping and healing – finding a way to do more than just survive the pandemic, but to come out the other side, better, more improved.  With self-care and positivity and light and love!

In a time, when everyone was talking about “can’t wait for things to go back to the way they were,” Leonie and Deb introduced the notion that perhaps things weren’t so great before.  Maybe instead of trying so hard to get back, maybe we could use this time to create and grow a better place, a better future. ... And I bit onto that bit of inspiration with all my might ... I definitely wanted to create a better, brighter, more hope-filled future!

Each week, we’d come together to listen to the beautiful, uplifting, positive, reaffirming, encouraging words of Leonie and Deb. Then Deb would guide us through an amazing meditation – another thing that until this experience, I’d never done – and then we’d be given the opportunity to creatively reflect on our medication through art or journaling (On my goodness, I can't even tell you how much I loved this, but ever since, I've been using art and journaling to grow my wellness!).  Before closing, we would be given thought provoking questions to help guide us toward our brighter lights.

Each meeting opened with a circle opening prayer and would end with a closing prayer.  (At first this was a bit weird for me, but after listening to the light-filled words hearing the beautiful, positive meaning, I was all good!)

Every moment was bright.  Light.  Positive.  Caring.  Empowering.  I felt refreshed and renewed! I felt hope!

So, when the month came to an end, and Deb offered the opportunity to continue our Soul Circle meetings, I was in!  Hooked.  Enthusiastic.  Jubilant!  Waiting with giddiness and wanting for more goodness in my life!  Happy to be a part of something so gorgeous and healthy feeling!

Where we’re at … (the true beauty, beyond anything I could have imagined!)

So it’s been a year!  For those of us who have continued our time with Deb, we’ve taken life changing to a whole new level!

There’s about 20 of us now.  We’re smaller.  We still use Zoom.  We come from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, … I think we might even have a New Zealander in there.  And every month, we are so excited to see each other and be in each other’s light!

Every month is different.  We always have Share and Support time.  Sometimes we have a guided meditation.  Sometimes we art/journal.  We have our opening and closing prayer.

Every month we listen with open hearts and live and grow in each others’ goodness and individual gifts and uniqueness!

It’s amazing!

It’s a no judgement, share zone.  We feel love and acceptance.  We hear and grow.  We connect.  We come together to feel each other’s brightness and to share and support each other!

It’s amazing!  I know I just said that … but seriously.  We are the embodiment of those little memes that tell us to be the woman who supports other women.

We ARE beautiful, bright souls supporting other beautiful, bright souls!  Sharing times with these incredible women is growing me, helping me, loving me, and for the first time in my life, truly accepting me for who I am with love and respect.  And it feels AMAZING!

So amazing in fact, that I feel compelled to write to you about it.  To encourage to join or start your own women’s circle.  To invite goodness into your life!  To brighten your days with love and support!  To feel the positive, reaffirming wellness of organic, juicy, healthy relationships!!!

And for this reason, I am including this post as a link back to “My Body Is an Alien” (a women’s hormone health blog series) … because on the list of things you can do to grow wellness into your life and your body is to join a women’s circle!

It’s what you make of it!

Think of the possibilities!  You can talk about your painful periods.  The challenges you are facing in your life and relationships.  Loss.   Work challenges.  Trying to combat toxic, negative thoughts.  Being peri-menopausal/menopausal and the challenges and health difficulties you are coping with.  The truly delightful nature walk you went on, and how you feel inspired.  The stars.  Crystals.  Art.  You can talk about whatever you and your beautiful group of women are called to talk about!

No judgment.  Only kind support.  Shared ideas.  Shared lessons learned.  Shared light and love.  Acceptance.  Connection.  Gentleness.  No longer feeling alone … like you are the only one in the world with this crazy shiz happening to you.

Hell, in our most recent Soul Circle, one of our gorgeous blossoms talked about how she gets so angry at the TV – all the shiz coming out of it – that she finds herself yelling at her TV.  Another beautiful soul is suffering the loss of a dear family member and trying to find ways to cope and move forward.  Another bright light talked about how her hormonal body is such a debilitating challenge it makes her feel abnormal, like a freak of nature, and it impacts her self-confidence.  I suspect we all feel these ways, at least sometimes.  It's amazing be there for each other, and knowing we are not alone!

Each of share what we are called to share.  Each of compassionately listen and support.  Each of feel the love of our circle of bright lights shining!

And you, too, can have this.  You can join or start your own group.  Give it time.  Nourish and nurture each other.  Your relationships will grow in goodness!  You will feel better.  More light and wellness in your life!

I am compelled with a full and bright heart to share this goodness with you!

Also … I want to say … as part of my contribution to our group … I started giving a big, virtual hug (you know me and my hugging!), and now … before we end our monthly meetings, there are always big, loving hugs!

I wish this goodness for you!  And I hope you can grow, nourish, and nurture this positivity, reaffirming happiness, self-caring wellness into your life in a way that is absolutely positive and life changing for you!

Loving and Big Hugging you SO BIG!!!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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