Living an Inspired Life
Making It Happen!

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Living Your Inspired Life: Making It Happen!

For those of you just joining in on this blog mini-series, there are 2 other posts to catch you up to speed and get you Living an Inspired Life:

Living an Inspired Life: Welcome! Let's Get You Started!  (Introduction all about who, why, what, when, where, and how for Living an Inspired Life and the steps to get you started envisioning yours!)

Living an Inspired Life: Time to Reflect and Imagine! (In this post, we take all the doodle-thinking pages you created in the first post, and we dig in with with reflection and imagination to see what your Inspired Life looks like!)

Okay, Beautiful Blossoms!

Let's get you living your inspired life!  Let's make it happen!

You're gonna want to have all your original doodle-thinking pages from our first meeting, and all of your notes and vision/dream boarding from our second meeting ...

And now, we are going to make it happen!  We are going to help you create an "action plan," which to me is business speak for creating an empowered path of growing-you and growing-your-inspired-life steps forward.

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Make a List!

What is different between the "current you" and the "living your inspired life you"?

  • What new things do you need to grow into your life?
  • What old things no longer serve you and must be let go of?

Make a list!  It doesn't have to be a big list.  It doesn't have to be organized in any form (not quite yet).  You just need to get all down in front of you, so you can see what you want to grow and let go of as you live your inspired life!

Personal Share: MK's Inspired Life List for Happy, Healthy Wellness and Goodness

For me, my list is based on my values of happiness, healthiness, wellness, gratitude, kindness, love, and positude (If you've been reading my posts and enjoying my positudes and watching my videos, this sounds like me, right, ... big hearts and big smiles to you!).

For me, I want to live a happy life.  A healthy life.  A life of light, love, gratitude, and goodness.  I want to be light and love in this world and to help spread smiles and big hugs!

  • Have a beautiful, happy, supportive, loving, wonderful life with my honeybun
  • Create happiness, light, love, joy, positivity
  • Live in gratitude & wellness
  • Grow and nurture beautiful relationships
  • For my body, mind, soul, efforts, and energies, nurture, nourish, live, learn, and grow with sustainability, conservation, goodness, wellness, healthiness
  • Movement in my life through yoga, walking, bouncing, and outdoor adventures
  • Be authentic and genuine and my best possible self
  • See and experience the beauty of nature
  • Live and die painlessly
  • Have a positive, kind, loving impact on all those I encounter … and if possible improve the earth’s wellness through my actions and helping others in need, like seniors, homeless, and abused and neglected animals

When you make your list, let your values guide you!  This is your inspired life, and only you can know what you want and need!  This is personal!  This is all about you and for you!  So be brave!  Be honest with yourself!  And give yourself your best, ... because you deserve your best!

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

You + You Living Your List = You Living Your Inspired Life!

Once you have your list, you have your ideals, growth goals, letting-go goals, ... you have the foundation you need to get started living your inspired life!

Some of your list items might be easy to simply start living.  Others may require planning and effort.  Some of your list items are comprised of many smaller growth steps (my list is like this, as I wrote mine in overarching ideals).

So before we go any further, let's help you create a "Living an Inspired Life Action Plan"!

You have a list - let's organize it into a path of sorts!  Mind you, this isn't a permanent path, or inflexible path.  Your life is always changing.  You are always changing.  You are always growing.  This path is simply meant to be a vision of growing-you-forward progress in an form that feels ideal to you right now.

As you look at your list:

  • Is it a path of individual steps growing one forward into the next?
  • Is it a path of multiple steps happening at once?
  • Is it a combination of multiple steps and single steps?
  • Is there a visible logic in forward progression ... to do this next ideal, you must first accomplish this ideal?
  • Are there "easy" and "quick" steps/ideals you can start living immediately or grow pretty quickly?  (This can give empower you with an immediate boost of growth that can make you feel really good about your new path.)

Doodle-think out what your path looks and feels like?  Where would you like to start?  Do you need to accomplish one thing before you can do another?

As a whole, you want to plot a path that feels good ... that feels right ... that works for you!

And now, as you grow and live your inspired life, you can replot your path ... adding new things and taking out things that no longer serve you as you go.  This is an ever changing with you life path!

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Ways to Live Your Inspired Life ... Envisioning, Creating, and Living Your Do-able Path!

Know that how you grow - what you tackle first, second, and next for always - is up to you what feels good and right for you ... when you are ready!

Know that living an inspired life is an act of living it, now, tomorrow, and always.  Growing yourself into it.

I encourage you to grab your dream/vision board and have it for constant reflection and reminder as you think about your path and laying out your steps.  Let your Inspired Vision guide you as you lay out your path!  One step, multi-steps, or a combination as you go and grow ... you live your do-able Inspired Life!

Also, it is a helpful idea to add in empowering "tools."

Know you (and learn you as you go):

  • What helps you?
  • What will empower you?
  • What do you need to grow forward?
  • What obstacles do you foresee, and how can you face them and overcome them?
  • What support do you need?

As this is a life-long endeavor, reflection and self-assessment is helpful. 

  • Allow yourself to grow and adapt!
  • Allow yourself to let go of ideals that no longer serve you!
  • Allow yourself to amend ideals to better meet your ever growing self!
  • Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the joy of living and growing in your Inspired Life Vision!
Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Empowering You Pro Tip #1

Break "big" growing-you steps down into do-able bits to avoid getting overwhelmed or feeling lost.

Then you can use the smaller do-able sized steps to grow your success into achieving your ideal and goal.

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Personal Share: MK's Breaking Down Big List Ideals Into Do-Able Steps!

Here's one of my rather large list ideals:

  • For my body, mind, soul, efforts, and energies, nurture, nourish, live, learn, and grow with sustainability, conservation, goodness, wellness, healthiness

I've broken this down into MANY, MANY, MANY smaller do-able steps.  And even some of those steps have been broken down into smaller do-able steps.

For instance, the part about nourishing my healthiness, I needed to start living an anti-inflammatory life.  This includes ALL KINDS OF THINGS (growths and letting go's):

  • reducing stress
  • getting movement into my body
  • cutting out added sugars
  • cutting out gluten
  • getting regular, restful, rejuvenating sleep
  • and lots more

So let's take a look at the cutting out gluten ... I'll blog about this someday ... as it's been quite the growth adventure ... but it started with doing the obvious: stop eating wheat.

Then I had to learn more about where gluten is ... it's not just in wheat, it also in rye, for instance.  And it's hidden in so many unsuspecting places ... like any food packaged in a facility that processes wheat.  It turned into a spiral of "ohmigosh, wheat is everywhere!!!"

So ... baby steps.  I didn't suddenly cut out gluten, and it was completely gone.  It's taken learning, growing, adapting.  Finding new ways to eat.  Find new recipes.

I once was a person who could justify eating cake with a glass of milk for breakfast ... lol.  And now, cake?  Cookies?  Yes, but differently.  And I've grown into them, and I love them.  But had I tried to do it all in the beginning, I would have been overwhelmed.  And I would've hated the food.

Slow and steady.  Growing.  Living it!

Empowering You Pro Tip #2

When you are creating your path, only choose to include growing-you's and letting-go's that you are willing to do ... want to do ... going to do.

Empower your new Inspired Life with happy accomplishments and growth!

Feel good about you and what you are living and growing into your life!

Mind you ... you may not be ready in this moment to do "it" ... you may need to baby step it with those smaller do-able sized steps.  So you'll have to differentiate between "willing to" and "ready to."  If you're not willing to do it ... don't bother putting it into your path.  But if you're willing, just not ready ... well, then, sweet beautiful blossom ... all you have to do is figure out the smaller do-able step path to empower your successful achievement of the growth you want to live!

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Living an Inspired Life is NOT a Destination ... It's Now!

If I may ...

We have been programmed in life to set goals and achieve them.  And that until we achieve them, the goal isn't complete.

The problem with this thinking is that life is ongoing ... it's not a Do-It Done sort of thing.  Well, sure.  In the long run, one could look at it in restrospect and reflection like that.

But while we're living it ... we're hopefully going to be here for a while ... so thinking that you can't live your inspired life until you get all your steps done is not the right kind of thinking.  In that, it's not empowering or helpful or guiding or loving or kind ... or patient to think that way.

If I may ... the minute you decide you want to live an inspired life and you start growing you with your ideals ... you are living your inspired life!  You are growing you!  You are becoming the You you want to be!  And that is inspired!


Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Your Life Is Happening NOW!

You are living it, breathing it, being it ... right now!

To live your inspired life is an ongoing, ever growing, ever changing, dynamic beautiful thing!  The more you grow, the more you'll see new things, opportunities, awesomenesses that you want!  Go get them beautiful blossom!

Your inspired life is yours to have and create!  To live and grow!  To rejoice in and be free to be your bright, beautiful self!!!

I think of that quote from Allen Saunders: Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.

So ...

Your List

Your Ideals

Your Path of Do-Able Steps of Growing-You's and Letting-Go's

It's flexible ... it grows with you, changes with you.  It's a vision of how you can activate your Inspired Life ... how you can start living it.

But don't get mired down in waiting for it to happen.

Once you begin ... You ARE Living Your Inspired Life ... how many ever steps at a time that work for you!

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Empowering You Pro Tip #3

Surround yourself with like-minded blossoms and people who love and support you, and who will support you and your efforts in living your inspired life.

Jim Rohn has famously stated, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

If you want to empower your success, you will generally do better when the folks around you support you instead of challenging your every ideal.

Living a Happy Life. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Personal Share: MK's Empowering Her Success

In cutting gluten out of my life, I have not been joined by my friends or my family.  For them, it's not something they want or need.

However, my honeybun has been all about my success!  Even though, it's not something he is seeking to do, he supports my wellness, my healthiness, and my efforts to live my inspired life.

So, he helps me watch for gluten in foods.  He helps me cook/bake gluten-free foods.  And when I eat gluten-free foods he enjoys, he'll eat them, too.  And when I don't, he simply makes something different for himself, or I do.  We work it as a supportive team!

My point is ... your peeps ... your blossoms ... they don't have to be on the same exact page as you (it can help if they are, but who really is ever on the "same exact page" [we're all so very different]).

Your peeps don't have to be on the same ideal page ... but empowerment is improved when they are on the "supporting your success" page!

And that, my beautiful blossom is some Ultimate Guidance on Living an Inspired Life!

I hope all of this insight and experience helps you envision, create, and live your Inspired Life!

This is the insight and experience I use to help me and my coachees envision, create, and live our Inspired Lives!

Thank you so much for sharing this Living an Inspired Life blog mini-series time with me!  Thank you so much for this opportunity to help you feel love, light, and big hugs in your life!

I am loving you with all the PINK in my heart and hugging you so big!!!

PS: If you have any questions or comments about Living Your Inspired Life, feel free to reach out to me!

PPS: If you feel this blog mini-series can help others you know, please feel free to share this post with them (all the blog post links for this series are provided in the opening paragraph for ease and convenient access.)



Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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