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Hello Beautiful Blossom!

Say it with me:




When you realize you are worth your every effort, you realize all of the things you do for yourself mean something to you ... and you realize the things that mean something to you, ... those are the things that are important in your life.  They are your life!

Big or Small:

  • sharing time with loved ones; connecting happily
  • eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods
  • hydrating
  • smiling each day, even if just to smile at yourself and give thanks for your day
  • hugging yourself
  • getting movement into your day (yoga, walking, dancing)
  • meditating, even if only for a couple of minutes, to be quiet, breathe, and be mindful
  • valuing your precious, restorative sleep, and ensuring to give yourself 7-9 hrs a night
  • sitting in the sun or under a sunlamp
  • laughing out loud
  • creating, drawing, doodling, writing ... using your creative mind
  • reducing your stress
  • this list goes on and on

"Progress, not perfection." 

Self-care is how we define our self-worth.  What we are willing to do for ourselves let's us know how important we are to ourselves.

I hear so many beautiful blossoms say things like, "I'm so busy; I just can't ever seem to find time to self-care."

The demands of life can be so heavy we are driven away from our efforts.  But when this happens, we allow the demands of our lives to be more important to us than us.

This begs the question: What's more important in your life, you or the busy?

We can start small.  We can allow "Progress, not perfection," (Jill Stante) to guide us.

  • We can make time for that phone/zoom call to a friend.
  • We can eat something nutritious.
  • We can prioritize quality sleep.
  • We can squeeze in 10 minutes of yoga before lunch.
  • We can reflect on our days and see what good things we are already doing for ourselves and acknowledge and give gratitude (Because sometimes, I find in my friends who say they are too busy to self-care, that they are already doing things, but they just don't see it.  And in not seeing it, they often feel they are lacking.  So see yourself & hug yourself for all that you are already doing!)
  • We can do the little things.

Because you are worth your every effort, big and small!

Positive, functional relationships, anti-inflammation, health. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

It all comes down to some simple questions with answers that only you can give:

  • What life do you want to live?
  • Do you want to live the life that actually lives you instead of the other way around?
  • Will you value yourself, defining your self-worth through your self-care?
  • What choices will you make in your life?  (These choices are your life.)

What life do you want to live?  Will it be a life for you or against you?  Will you choose you?  Or will you choose to always be too busy?

You are worth SO MUCH!

You are worth nutritious food.  You are worth good sleep.  You are worth your love, hugs, kindness, and patience.  You are worth 10 minutes to stop, soak up some sun, breathe mindfully, and be present in your life ... thinking only of you and the moment you are in!

You are worth your life!!!

Choose you!  Every time.  It's in the small things.  The big things.  It's in all the things!

Hope our chat today hugs you and your heart SO BIG!

Love you!



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