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Passionate Women’s Health Advocate (Happiness & Wellness), Educator, Friendly Success Guide, & Author helping beautiful women like you go from living sick, tired, and unhappy lives to feeling vibrant, happy, positive, and healthy again!


The HONEST TRUTH IS You Are Unique & Precious!  You are Love!  And you have so much you want to do & accomplish & be!

But our world can be an exhausting, heart-hurting place.  The challenges we face can leave you depleted, overwhelmed, … uninspired and lacking in motivation.

Worse … the challenges we face can wear you down: mentally, emotionally, and physically.  The stressors of life can make you feel unhappy and unwell.

I know these challenges all to well.  Each and every day, I create and grow happiness and wellness into my life!

I’m here to share it all with you - everything that I know and have learned!

life can be hard

In many ways, our world is stacked against us.

You likely feel it in your workplace paid less and expected to work harder to prove yourself.

You likely feel it at homethe to-do lists never end.

You likely feel it in some of your relationshipsconnections that leave you feeling hurt, misunderstood, unsupported, unheard.

You definitely experience it our healthcare system, even if you don’t realize it … our healthcare system (nor the research that supports it) does NOT prioritize women’s healthcare.

I help you level the playing field of life!

  • You need LOVE!
  • You need SUPPORT!
  • You need a BIG HUG!
  • You need HELP Getting the Healthcare You DESERVE!

You need Easy, Fast HOW-TO’s and SELF-CAREs that will help you feel and be happier and healthier.


I help you feel better and brighter again!

how mary kate kopec can help you
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“I feel empowered – I feel like I can take on the whole universe!”

“The biggest best thing about spending time with Mary Kate . . . I feel empowered; I feel like I can take on the whole universe! She brings out the best in me. It’s a confidence thing. She helps me see all the best parts of me and takes away my insecurities!”

- Samantha Galloway


My doodles alone are LOVED for how happy they make my peeps feel.  You can get an idea just by popping around on my website … I’ve doodled all over the place!

Oodles of Doodles and other digi-arting flow from my PINK heart to yours!

I write Delight & Goodness into each monthly FREE Love Letter so they are bursting with juicy:

  • Love & Big Hugs
  • Kindness
  • Giganormous Smiles & Laughter
  • Happiness
  • Positive Encouragement & Support
  • Wellness Know-How
  • Guiding Life Thoughts & Ideas
  • Yummy, Nutrient-Dense, Easy-to-Make Recipes

I share my real life experiences, lessons learned, and my authentic self, so you can feel Loved & Hugged in the Biggest of Big Ways!

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After years of suffering with life and chronic health challenges and needing ways to cope better, I started creating what I call “positudes” (positive attitude reminders) to help and support me.

Positudes are my reaffirmations, cheer-me-on's, hug-me’s, words of encouragement … that kind of self-loving awesomeness!

Like my Oodles of Doodles, my Positudes are in everything I do ... they are My Way of Life!

If I'm sharing with you ... there's Positudes in it!

growing you.  love and big hugs.  mary kate kopec

Everything I do is to help Grow You.  Grow your Happiness.  And Grow your Wellness!

I've been an educator and wellness success motivator for 25-ish years.

The first time I tutored a student and saw the light bulb "Aha" and the smile of success, I was hooked!

I've been growing that success and smiles in peeps ever since!  It's the happiest helping-thing in the world for me!

I help you grow your happiness and your wellness with everything I do!

I help you grow your happiness & wellness in my:

Take a Deep Dive in One of My Growthshops!

I am passionate about growing happiness and wellness in myself and in YOU!

We are gorgeous souls, and we deserve happiness & healthiness!

As a Passionate Women’s Health Advocate (Happiness & Wellness), Educator, Friendly Success Guide, & Author, I help beautiful women like you go from living sick, tired, and unhappy lives to feeling vibrant, happy, positive, and healthy again!

Using my Master's degrees in Human Genetics & Education, along with my own women's health challenges as a compass to guide my research, reading, and study, I have learned critical info we need to know about our bodies, but that we don’t know.

I help  bring you up to speed, so you can stop unintentionally hurting yourself, and start healing your body, so you can feel well again!

Check Out This Amazing Wellness Growthshop!

And I share with you my own coping and healing strategies for growing your happiness and healthiness.

I really would love to see you smile again.  To feel well again.  And to feel vibrant and happy!

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You
Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

“Mary Kate is one of the most genuine, good people in my life!”

“Mary Kate always says, ‘I’m gonna grow you,’ and she does! I feel better, more confident, and happier! She is funny . . . the kindest, sweetest person. She is one of the most genuine, good people in my life, and she is filled with love and big hugs!”

- Sarah Sitto

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

“I feel happy! My stress is gone!”

Spending time with Mary Kate reduces my stress. She is incredibly encouraging, and I love her artwork. Just looking at it makes me happy.”

- Shahad Zoma

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

"Mary Kate is casual, comforting, supportive, personable, and sensitive to my needs and emotions. She has helped me in so many ways!"

“Mary Kate has helped me develop a greater understanding of myself … my strengths, weaknesses, and desires. She has helped me become more reflective, which has helped me improve myself. I stay on the positive. I communicate more directly. I view myself more positively now.  I am inspired and more creative now, and I feel I have more opportunities than ever before!"

- Lauren McLean

mary kate kopec.  love and big hugs. my story

I love life!

I’ve experienced life-threatening health challenges … and I give gratitude for every day and do my best to make the most of my days!

I love feeling vibrant, happy, and well!

I suffer debilitating health challenges, and I am committed to growing as much wellness into my life as possible!  (Because my good days feel so amazing, and they are worth healing for!)

I love helping people!

Helping others and knowing I’ve made a positive difference in their lives is a straight up endorphin rush … it feels so good … to help people smile and feel better!  

I believe in making the world a better place with positive actions!

I've learned things don’t get better just waiting around for other people to make it happen.

I have to be the positive change I want in the world.  I have to make goodness happen.

And I’m all about creating & growing happiness and healthiness!

I have a PINK heart!  I care about YOU!

Together, I can help you, you can help me, and we can help all of us!

We are AWESOME like that!


This Positude: My life is a beautiful, inspired journey into goodness! is one of the many nuggets of juicy happiness that guides me daily!

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You
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"Mary Kate is Magical!"

"Mary Kate’s kindness spreads like a magical world inside of us … the more time we spend with her, the more that magical world radiates out into the world, making it brighter – all  because she touches a few of our hearts and encourage us to be amazing!

"She is the moon and stars on a dark night.

"Randi Raindrop waters the flowers, and Mary Kate is the rainbow after the rain.   She is the sun on a cloudy day, bringing light to us no matter how gloomy we think life is.  Mary Kate knows how to bring us back to life!

"I love her doodles; they make me happy!

"She helps me feel better, happier, and brighter.  I feel like she truly cares about me.  Mary Kate makes me feel heard and appreciated!"

Belinda Sziber, Medical Facility Insurance Coordinator & Personal Care Attendant

"Positudes remind me to stay positive and believe in myself!"

"Positudes are colorful and cheerful!  I look forward to choosing my daily pick me up.  I reflect on my current mood or what inspiration I need for the day.  Positudes remind to stay positive and believe in myself!"

- Stephanie Shay, Elementary School Teacher

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You
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"Makes me so happy!"

"I feel Mary Kate's energy in every single one of her doodles!  I love her doodles!  They make me so happy!"

Cindy Charity, Educator & Author of the Divided Star Paranormal Book Series


"Mary Kate is WOW … the brightest, tallest sunflower with the biggest PINK heart!  She'll help you feel SO SUNFLOWERY HAPPY!"

- Stephanie Carras, Upper Level College Student

MK's Virtual Arty Party Happy Hour. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!
Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

"I love Positudes!"

"I love the Positudes!  They are so cute, and the messages are very uplifting and inspiring!"

- Mary McMurtry, Retired Bookkeeper, Mom, & Grandmom

mary kate kopec. love and big hugs. let's help you!