Frogs On the Bog!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

On the Bog! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Frogs On the Bog!

Spring rains had come and gone throughout the night.  With the new day, the nearly clear, blue sky was brightened by the happy, warm sun and dotted by only the occasional fluffy white cloud.

The air smelled fresh and renewed, and the gentle breeze invited exploration and adventure!  Everything on the Bog was beginning to look and sound more vibrant and alive!

Kat, Bear, and Wogs had woken up to their favorite delightful Bog sounds: birds chirping, singing, and trilling, … and frogs!  Chatterbox frogs carrying on the most animated and chipper conversations!

Kat, Bear, and Wogs LOVE the frogs and creatures!  It’s why they live on the Bog!

Excited to spy a glance of froggy delight, Bear hopped in his wagon to go for a Bog stroll.  Kat and Wogs, gleefully agreed and out they went to find some exuberant, chitter chattering frogs!  Even Belle followed along behind, swooshing and swooping through the air in springy delight.

As they blissfully sauntered along, listening to the frog talk getting louder and louder, and keeping their eyes peeled for the amphibious fun, they came upon a small Bog pond … and there they were … the frogs!

Kat (giddily bouncing and pointing):  Look!  There they are!!!!

Wogs (happily halting the pull on Bear’s wagon, he turned to see):  I see them!  And look, there’s Squeech, too!

Bear (having been keeping his ears pert and alert, he turned his head and happily flicker-waved his tail, feeling adventurous success!):  Mrow!

"Spatial Awareness" ... lol ... fancy talk for finding your happy place!

Soul Balm

Find a place you love.  A place that makes your heart sing.  Where you feel at peace, with calm and happiness.  Live there, go there, walk there, spend time there ... whatever ... be there.

Learn this goodness info about you ... learn what makes you feel bliss-filled peace and calm.  And when you feel the pressures of life, the world, your relationships, work, health, ... whatever is being a challenge ... spend time in your happy place.

Breathe.  And just be.  Let go.  Give yourself a break.  Time to rest and rejuve.  Heal.  And be squee again.

For me, hands down, this place is in the nature of my backyard.  Pauli and I specifically chose our little, tiny corner of the world to be on a bog with a river and woods nearby ... and delightful woodland creatures!  It brings our hearts so much delight!

We open the windows and just listen to the sounds of the birds and the frogs and the buzz and hum of bog life.

We firepit under the stars and listen to the frogs go wild in nightly delight (and the crickets, too!)  And owls ... sometimes we hear the owls.

I could spend hours just being in this space, and it does my body good.

When we built our house, I was still very much in the depths of chronic fatigue and spent many, many, many long hours too weak to move out of bed.  So we made sure I would have a happy view and delightful sounds to encourage me, even from bed.  Living on the bog is healing balm for my soul.  We wanted to empower delight in me to help me heal, or at least enjoy what I could of life being stuck in bed.

If I've learned anything, having your spot ... the space that makes your heart sing ... it makes a truly positive difference!  It will help you feel light and airy.  It will put a smile on your face and pink in your heart!  It's easy self-care!

So wherever your spot is ... whether you live there or visit, or even imagine it ... May it bring you healing, loving light and grow the smile on your face, ever so BIG!!!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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