Birthday On the Bog!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, and Wogs)

On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs). Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Birthday On the Bog!

Gifted with a beautifully bright, unusually warm, and cheerfully chirpy and buzzy sprwinter day, the Bog was alight with birthday glee and delight!

It was standing room only as everyone gathered ‘round to wish Bear a very Happy Birthday … and to see his sleek, totally cool, new ride … the most squeetacular, pink, polka-dotted red wagon ever!

Clearly Kat had picked it out!

Kat (loving Bear so BIG):  Happy Birthday, Bear!  Hope you love your new wagon!

Wogs (loving Bear so BIG):  Happy Birthday, Bear!  Wanna go for a ride?

Bear (flicker flitting his tail, hopped inside his new wagon, and purring happily, beamed with love): Mrow!

Kat and Wogs tied their balloons to the wagon handle for added birthday bling.  Then Wogs pulled Bear along in wide circles for everyone to see.  They hopped and bounced, and whooped with the happiest of celebrating Bog creature sounds!

To share in the fun, Bear insisted everyone get to try a ride in his new wagon.  And Wogs enthusiastically played along.  Kat clapped merrily, growing the fun!

With elated fluttery wings, Squeech and Belle chirped and trilled bubbly songs the whole way around.

Flop and Fluff each rode separately, bobbing with the thrill and shimmying their puffball tails, happy for the fun!

It was a silly, perfect, special, fun sharing day!

Bear’s Happy Birthday party and super cool new wagon were the talk of the Bog for days and days.  It was a love-filled day worth remembering!

Spring brings such excitement!  All the green, all the budding and blossoming flowers, all the sunny warmth!  It makes my heart extra super spectacularly SQUEEtastic, love-filled, and Huggy PINK ... which is saying something, cuz I'm bringing this happy goodness all the time!

Here in Michigan, it will still be a couple of months before we get "reliable" sun and warmth, and to get there, the rains will come.  But the rain brings all the life and green, so you won't find me complaining.  I just hunker down and in and enjoy each day and each moment for wherever I am.

This summer, Pauli and I will have our landscape installed (we recently moved into a new construction home with dirt for a yard) ... therefore an outdoor space to play in, and we are excited for all of the upcoming firepits, stargazing, and hammock time listening to the sounds of the bog and nature!

In this moment, I really just want to HUG you so big and give gratitude for you being here and celebrating the joys of spring with me!

May your day be filled with light, love, big hugs, and blossoming with gratitude!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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