Grow your happiness with smiles!

Happiness: Grow yours with smiles! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Hello Sweet Beautiful Rays of Sunshine!

Today, you get to ask yourself a powerful question: Do I want to be happy? … Don’t let this scare you off. I know I was super direct. But it’s a real and worthy question. That can sometimes be a bit scary. Please don’t be scared. I’m right here with you!!! We can do this together!!! Cuz I love you Big, and I’m holding you tight!!! We can grow your happiness with smiles!

I don’t need to tell you – I’m betting you already know:  there’s a lot of unhappiness in the world.  And it’s impacting so many of us.  Even the brightest of souls can get hit.  If you are a soul that has been feeling unhappy a lot, or even a little, lately, and you want to feel more happiness in your life again … the first step is acknowledging you are ready to feel happiness again.

So … are you ready to feel happiness again?

If so … let’s talk Smiles!

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and try to sell you on a smile, telling you it will fix everything.  I, mean, come on, let’s be real.  Life can deal some serious blows.  Bigger things than a smile alone can heal and fix. 

But, a smile is POWERFUL!

Grow your happiness with smiles. It’s been proven and shown in study after study after study to make big POSITIVES happen in your life.  The simple act of smiling can lift your mood, alter your brain chemistry, lower your stress, boost your immune system.  Umm … yes, please … to all of this!

Here are just a few of the articles written about it … in case you want to check it out for yourself.

Neuroscience Says Doing This 1 Thing Makes You Just as Happy as Eating 2,000 Chocolate Bars

Smiling can trick your brain into happiness – and boost your health

Smile! It Could Make You Happier

But really … do we need to skootch off to read about it?  Why don’t we just try it?  Like right now?  You know.  Smile, and see how it makes you feel.

Here, I even have a POSitude to share with you to guide you through it. LOL. Like, you’ve never smiled before. (Althooooough … maybe???? … Just kidding.)

Actually, in this POSitude, I take it up a notch … I like doing that. I try to get as much bang as possible for my happiness investment bucks. So I’ve added a little moment of self-reaffirmation to go along with the smile. Give it a try … it’s feel-good in like 5 seconds … it’s deliciously delightful!

Happiness: Grow yours with smiles!  POSitude. Mary Kate Kopec.  Love and Big Hugs.
POSitude card from Mary Kate’s deck of POSitude cards available at Etsy

So. Here we go. Ready? SMILE!

How’d it go? How are you feeling? … Little bit better? Maybe even a smidge better than a little bit better?

Well, we’ll take that, won’t we?!!!

Grow your happiness with smiles. A smile is one of the ways we can improve our happiness – and it’s a powerful one!  If we practice smiling (and even taking it up a notch with a little extra self-reaffirmation) throughout the day … each day … every day … we can build a happiness and healthiness habit that can accumulate goodness, happiness, and healing in our lives.

With this, you can add SMILES to your Healing Toolkit of Goodness to be used daily and even more for extra tough times.

Remember. Happiness doesn’t come from the absence of darkness or bad things happening in life … although sure, that could help SO MUCH!!!! The thing is, life is gonna happen. It’s just how it rolls. But happiness comes through in us in how we deal with life. How we cope. How we approach life and choose to be.

If you want to be happy, you can be! Step by step. Practice by practice. Habit by habit. And smiling is a great and powerful place to start!

Grow your happiness with smiles. I love smiling. I love how it feels. I love how it sparks smiles in others. And I love how easy it is to do. I love how quickly it brightens my face and lifts my heart and my mood. I love how it grows my happiness and helps me heal! I love that it’s a quick and easy practice like Practicing Gratitude to help me grow and heal and feel happiness in my life. I hope sharing these practices and habits with you will help you grow and heal and feel happiness in your life, too!

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Until next week …

I’m smiling big and brightly and sending you the love in my heart! I’m holding and hugging you tight! May your day be filled with BIG Smiles, lots of love, and some giggles sprinkled in!
Love and Big Hugs,

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate
Happiness: Grow yours with smiles! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

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