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Brighten Your Day with Love, Happiness, Laughter ... Big Smiles ... and All of the Good Stuff with my Ebooks!

  • Positudes (Books of Love, Encouragement, and Happy Wellness)
  • Children's Books (Books of Love, Fun, Encouragement, and Happy Wellness)
  • Wellness Journals (Engaging books of Love, Encouragement, Guidance, Insights, and Happy Wellness)
  • Romance Novels (Books of Love, Happiness, Laughter, Steaminess, ... I mean ... they're romance novels ... so ... steaminess and love and steaminess and happiness ... I write feel good stories with positive relationships and great friends!  There's one for you for sure ... if not all of them!)

I write, doodle, art, and create with the biggest, PINKest love in my heart to help you:

  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Feel better
  • Grow happiness and healthiness into your life

Don't be shy ... give one of my ebooks a try!  You'll smile and feel brighter for sure!

Take a Deep Dive in One of My GrowthShops!

I am passionate about growing happiness and wellness in myself and in YOU!

We are gorgeous souls, and we deserve happiness & healthiness!

As a Passionate Women’s Health Advocate (Happiness & Wellness), Educator, Friendly Success Guide, & Author, I help beautiful women like you go from living sick, tired, and unhappy lives to feeling vibrant, happy, positive, and healthy again!

Using my Master's degrees in Human Genetics & Education, along with my own women's health challenges as a compass to guide my research, reading, and study, I have learned critical info we need to know about our bodies, but that we don’t know.

I help  bring you up to speed, so you can stop unintentionally hurting yourself, and start healing your body, so you can feel well again!

Check Out This Amazing Wellness Growthshop!

And I share with you my own coping and healing strategies for growing your happiness and healthiness.

I really would love to see you smile again.  To feel well again.  And to feel vibrant and happy!

I write Delight & Goodness into each monthly FREE Love Letter so they are bursting with juicy:

  • Love & Big Hugs
  • Kindness
  • Giganormous Smiles & Laughter
  • Happiness
  • Positive Encouragement & Support
  • Wellness Know-How
  • Guiding Life Thoughts & Ideas
  • Yummy, Nutrient-Dense, Easy-to-Make Recipes

You can get to know me & get Happiness in your inbox, risk-free.

I share my real life experiences, lessons learned, and my authentic self, so you can feel Loved & Hugged in the Biggest of Big Ways!

Mary Kate's YouTube Videos!

I share YouTube videos with you to:

  • brighten your day
  • share important health know-what & know-how
  • make you smile
  • hug you big
  • make you laugh
  • be silly
  • be serious
  • all the reasons that help you grow happiness, healthiness, healing, & wellness into your life!

My heart is in every video I make for you!

Here is a sample of one of my silly "mini-movies."  It's only 46 seconds long ... go ahead ... give it a peek! 

Or try my one minute loving-you, healing video for growing positive intentions and actions into your life!

Either way, you are sure to smile and feel hugged!


1:1 Coaching with yours truly, Mary Kate!

I've been personally coaching peeps for over 25 years - helping beautiful souls create and grow success, happiness, and wellness into their lives!

Helping others is like breathing ... I do it naturally and with love!

  • If you are looking for some one-on-one growing-you time
  • If you need some help figuring out wellness action steps you can take that actually work for YOU
  • If you need to laugh or smile or just talk to a loving soul
  • If you need help figuring out who you are, what you want, ... how to be you and be happy
  • If you need some bright positivity in your life

Try on some personal coaching time with me!

Here is some highlight info:

  • $120/hr ... prorated (Once you are Coach-ee, you can sign up for as few as five minutes ... like for instance ... you just need some love showered all over you for having had a rough day!)
  • First meeting, first 15 minutes are FREE ... a get to know each other ... to see if we are a good fit!
  • Coaching time shared happens via Zoom
  • If you are interested, email me via the contact page (or at support at marykatekopec.com)
  • Shared time (Zoom Meetings) are arranged via email to ensure a good fit for each of us
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“Mary Kate is one of the most genuine, good people in my life!”

“Mary Kate always says, ‘I’m gonna grow you,’ and she does! I feel better, more confident, and happier! She is funny . . . the kindest, sweetest person. She is one of the most genuine, good people in my life, and she is filled with love and big hugs!”

- Sarah Sitto

Mary Kate Kopec POSITUDES

After years of suffering with life and chronic health challenges and needing ways to cope better, I started creating what I call “positudes” (positive attitude reminders) to help and support me.

Positudes are my reaffirmations, cheer-me-on's, hug-me’s, words of encouragement … that kind of self-loving awesomeness!

Like my Oodles of Doodles, my Positudes are in everything I do ... they are My Way of Life!

If I'm sharing with you ... there's Positudes in it!

SQUEEbie FREEbies!

Enjoy some delicious Heal-You, Love-You, Grow-You, Hug-You Goodness for FREE!

Need some time to de-stress and want something relaxing and happy to do?  Color in some of my happy-heart and smile-biggin' doodles!  Even in black and white, they are happiness!  Take a few minutes to color ... and you'll feel your stress melt away!

Need some Essential Positude Guidance for growing happiness and wellness into your days?  Try my 7 Pillars of Self-Love for Coping, Healing, & Overall Wellness ... it's downright helpfulness ... and It WILL HELP YOU FEEL BETTER!