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Take control of your wellness in this women’s health growthshop!


We have NOT been taught WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW about our health – because 1. Women’s Healthcare is NOT a priority, and 2. Because the science hasn’t made it to our doctors yet.


Come learn about what is happening in your body, why it’s happening, and what you can do about it to help you feel better and be healthier!  Learn how to reduce your period, perimenopause, and menopause symptoms!  Improve your wellness!


Are you ready to feel well again?  This Women’s Health Growthshop is for YOU!

Hello Beautiful!

This women’s health growthshop is here to help you know what you NEED TO KNOW about your health and wellness, so you can make the best choices for you to help you feel well again and to heal!

As women, we do NOT know what we need to know about our bodies and our women’s health, because:

  • Women’s Health and Women’s Health Research are not priorities (It’s sad, but true.)
  • Some very important KNOWLEDGE the science and research has been able to learn about women’s health has not made it into medical care practice yet

Are you ready to feel healthy again?

To have energy?  To have confidence in your wellness?  And to enjoy your life in happiness and healthiness?

Are you ready to know the truth about your body and your health … and to stop unknowingly making yourself feel even worse?

Don’t take chances with your well-being … your life depends on you caring about you.  If not for yourself, then for those who count on you, or who need you.

Do something extraordinary:  Learn what you need to know about your body and your health, so you can help yourself feel well again!

With this growthshop you can KNOW you are meaningfully informed and empowered to take care of you!

What’s Included In This Women’s Health Growthshop:

  • 4 1/2 hours of In-Depth Women’s Health Growthshop VIDEOS + Supporting PDFs of all of the slides
  • POWERFUL, PROVEN TOOL KIT bursting with Know-What, Know-Why, Know-How Activation:
    • Engaging &  Essential Wellness Activities & Self-Advocacy Tools
    • Support Ebooks filled with Mary Kate’s love and brightness and personal insight and experience to help effectively guide you and your decision making
    • Reading Resources: a live-linked partial bibliography to grow you and your wellness further (100-ish health books, blogs, and science papers)
    • Bonus Insight Videos: Get Straight Talk with Love from Mary Kate!
  • Mind Blowing Women’s Health Insight Driven Motivation (You will never see your body or your health the same way again!  And that’s a very good thing!!!)
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  • You will have access to our Growthshop for the life of the growthshop (as long as it is a published growing opportunity)

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