MK’s Love Letters

Get MK's Love Letters. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Hello Beautiful Bright Star!

If you are here, you are potentially interested in getting my Love Letters!  How exciting!!!  Yaaayyy!  And thank you!!!

You're probably wondering what my Love Letters are all about & what you get when you get them.

So lemme share what goodness you get, and also assure you my Love Letters are straight up love (not marketing).

I send out my Love Letter once a month. Usually the first Sunday of the month.


I include big lovin', big huggin', hello sharin', brighten your day juiciness!


I usually start off with a little Hello, How are you doing?, I'm thinking of you!

Then I add in some:

  • Squee digi-art (that makes you smile and brightens your heart!)
  • Maybe a recent episode of On the Bog (my Oh, so happy and ridickerously adorable storytoon ... sure to make you smile!)
  • Maybe a recent Recipe Revamp (to help you grow your nutritious food options and feel better and smile with the yumminess of it!)
  • Maybe a recent post about self-care/women's health (to grow you and help you feel better and wrap yourself up in a toasty love hug of wellness goodness!)
  • Maybe some more Squee digi-art
  • But definitely a lot of Big Love and Big Hugs and Big Smiles! Some giggles and laughter! Happiness, for sure.

My number one goal in my Love Letters is to brighten your day/life with Love, Hugs, Smiles, and Happiness in knowing someone out there is surrounding you with so much goodness and thinking of you!!!

Get MK's Love Letters. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

I keep my Love Letters fairly short (usually ... sometimes there is special excitement)

I know you're really busy ... So I want to get in, Make you Smile and Feel Loved, and get out!  Badda Boom, Love & Big Hugs, Badda Bing!  Voila!  And done!

Assurances I can give you:

  • Your email is sacred and safe with me. I keep it super secret, just between us, so I can send you my Love Letters.
  • I do not use my Love Letters to saturate you in ads, sales mumbo jumbo, etc.  That said, I do have occasional special offerings (and when I say occasional, I mean, maybe a coupla-few times a year, and when I say special, I mean I have a BIG loving you, helping you something, like an ecourse ... But even still, all I'll do is give you a quick sentence/link to let you know it's there ... if you want.  And this will be at the bottom of the Love Letter, and it's just a simple info mention, in case you are interested. Beyond that ... nope, I will not inundate you with sales jabber.  I just want you to feel Big Love, Hugs, Happiness, Laughter, and Wellness!
  • If you do happen to be interested in acquiring some of my digi art, POSitudes, ebooks/ecourses, I simply have a SHOP button at the bottom of my Love Letter for your convenience.  But again, no sales jabber.

C'mere for Some Bubbly, Fun Feel Good!

So ... If you are looking for Big Love, Hugs, Smiles, Laughter, Happiness, and Nurturing Wellness that makes you feel OH SO GOOD, just fill out the quick form below, and once a month, I'll send you my Love Letter to Hug you Tight and Brighten Your Day!

Get MK's Love Letters. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

See you next Love Letter!!!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate