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Mary Kate's Love Letters for Kids

Hello Beautiful Bright Stars!

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Kids are Awesome Humans, too!  Kids are filled with feelings & curiosities!  Just like adult humans, kids have hard days. 

Like adults, kids have troubles:

  • navigating challenges
  • coping
  • caring for themselves and having confidence

Just like adult humans, Kids NEED Love & Big Hugs!

And let's be honest ...

The world and life has gotten hard ... harder, seemingly.  And for many of us (adults & kids), we are having a difficult time coping ... or even simply finding a moment of kindness, gentleness, ... happiness to smile and breathe in.

And for as much as many would say, "Kids are resilient.  They bounce back;" they don't.  Not really.  Not as we would hope.

Do you know how often a hurt and damaged adult can trace their challenge back to some unhealed childhood trauma?  There's a whole world of therapy out there built on our unhealed childhood traumas.

Kids don't just bounce back because they're small and don't know how to speak for themselves or their hurts.

Current stats and studies are showing a huge increase in childhood depression and anxiety ... and even thoughts of death.

I don't know about you ... but that last part, the, uh, death part, especially, is head-shakingly unacceptable.

Kids need our help!  Our love!  Our support!  Our biggest HUGS, ever!

So ... here's me, Mary Kate, a pink-hearted, big hugging, huge loving human who feels our kids need LOVE and Big Hugs RIGHT NOW:

  • To brighten their days!
  • To help them cope!
  • To help them feel happier!
  • To hug and love them, BIG, with words of encouragement & kindness, and with happy & fun activities to do on their own, or with you
  • To help them connect positively with themselves and with you, their guiding light humans!  (Sure,  could say, "parents" or "guardians," both of which are true ... but in my heart ... we are guiding lights for our growing lil hearts!  We help them see the goodness in themselves.

We help our kids be strong.

And self-caring.  Self-loving.  Self-awesome!

This is why I am here.  This is why I am sharing these FREE Love Letters for Kids!

Mary Kate's Love Letters for Kids

What's in these happy, fun, beautiful FREE Love Letters for Kids???

  • Love & Big Hugs (encouraging, kind, thoughtful words and art will wrap your precious hearts in so much goodness!)
  • Fun & engaging activities (to be shared with you to positively and happily connect!)
  • Yummy for Our Tummy Easy Recipes (that just happen to be healthy, too!)
  • Positively Growing Self-Goodness supports:
    • Helpful ways to foster believing in yourself
    • Supporting words, doodle arts, & activities to support positive mindset
    • Supporting words, doodle arts, & activities to grow mindfulness practices to foster well-being in challenging times
  • Delivered BI-Monthly!  (I won't clutter your inbox!)

These FREE Love Letters for Kids are delicious, juicy, heart-loving goodness to brighten your & your kids' day!

Give them a try ... you can unsubscribe anytime with zero hassle. 

And just so you know ... I don't use these letter for hard sales.  If I happen to have a new offering for kid's wellness, I'll make a gentle mention for you to know ... and that's it.

These letters are a safe space!  A space for goodness growing and happiness creation.  I honor you and your kids and your time with authenticity and sincerity!

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Mary Kate's Love Letters for Kids

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