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Hello Beautiful!

Are you ready to feel healthy again?

To have energy?  To have confidence in your wellness?  And to enjoy your life in happiness and healthiness?

Are you ready to know the truth about your body and your health ... and to stop unknowingly making yourself feel even worse?

Don't take chances with your well-being ... your life depends on you caring about you.  If not for yourself, then for those who count on you, or who need you.

Do something extraordinary:  Learn what you need to know about your body and your health, so you can help yourself feel well again!

With this growthshop you can KNOW you are meaningfully informed and empowered to take care of you!

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Truth be told, it is mind-blowing what we don't know about our own bodies and our own health! 

And it's tragic how what we don't know hurts us ...

and worse, how that hurt (sometimes irreversible) was completely preventable!

If only we had known, we could've done something.

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Why do you need this growthshop?

  • Discover what you NEED TO KNOW about your body & health
  • Understand WHAT IS HURTING YOU & how you unknowingly make it worse
  • Learn how to PROTECT & HEAL yourself to feel better
  • Be engaged in this ENJOYABLE & EASY-TO-LEARN growth experience
  • Learn easy, fast, effective, helpful SELF-CARE you will love & actually do!
  • Be AMAZED!  You will never see your body or health the same way again (& this is a good thing!)
  • Gain INFORMED CONFIDENCE to make the BEST choices for you and your wellness
  • Get MOTIVATED!  Make informed choices to help you feel better & be healthier
  • Become EMPOWERED to be the positive difference you need to FEEL BETTER!
  • Grow your wellness with our overflowing, PROVEN helpful TOOL KIT
  • Be ENCOURAGED by my personal real life health challenges & successes
  • Know you are NOT ALONE!  What you are experiencing happens to other women, too.  But, you can heal & feel better!

Learn how to be a POWERFUL, HEALING WELLNESS WARRIOR with research based:

  • insight
  • guidance
  • know-how

See the problems you face & Activate the solutions to help you feel better and heal!

  • Know What!
  • Know Why!
  • Know How!
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What you will get from this growthshop!

  • An Easy-to-Learn, Insightful, Happy, Grow-You Wellness Warrioring Journey (You will never see your body and your health the same again ... thank goodness!):
    • You will:
      • Know WHAT
      • Know WHY
      • Know How
    • You will KNOW what you Need to Know to help your body cope and heal
    • You will KNOW what you Need to Do to help your body cope and heal
    • You will KNOW how to help your body cope and heal

Your Journey Includes 2 Powerful Ways to Grow You!

    • Engaging Videos + Supporting Slides PDFs
    • Abundant Tool Kit Overflowing with Activation Know-How:
      • Activities & Advocacy - Take control of your wellness!  Know your body!  Know & STOP what's hurting you in your life!  Envision & create your healthy life!  Self-Advocate for your wellness with your wellcare team!
        • Wellness Inventories & Action Plans
        • “Live My Wellness & Life by My Design” Life Assessment
        • To Gluten or NOT to Gluten Decision Flowchart
        • Self-Advocacy with Wellcare Team Packet
        • Monthly Estrogen + Symptom Tracker (Get to know your body)
      • Supporting - Loving You! - Ebooks - Get Love, Big Hugs, & Encouragement! Mary Kate shares how she happily lives a life of wellness! Learn all the deets: foods, coping skills, supplements, brands MK uses!  The Works!
        • Wellness & Life by Design (How I Do It!) … A comprehensive Know What I’ve Learned
        • Yum & Done!  Goin’ Green, Easy, Happy, & Tasty Recipes
        • Wellness Warrioring Self-Cares Daily Positudes
      • Reading Resources -How Does Mary Kate Know So Much?  In this live-linked. partial bibliography, you can access 100-ish readings to grow you and your healing powers even deeper!
        • Health & Wellness Books
        • Health & Wellness Blog Posts
        • Health & Wellness Websites
        • Scientific Research Papers
        • Scientific Research Articles
      • Bonus Insight Videos -Get Straight Talk with Love!  Hear Mary Kate share her personal and professional experience to help you understand your body and make the best care choices for yourself!
        • Let’s Talk Hormones & Depression (They’re Powerful!)
        • Let’s Talk About Choosing Meds & Surgery as Options
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Who this growthshop is FOR:

  • If you are female
  • If you have or have ever had periods
  • If you care about your wellness ... or you WANT to care about your wellness
  • If you have any symptoms, pains, unexplained feelings of unwellness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks AND you want to feel better
  • If you suffer chronic illnesses, diseases, or disorders:
    • heart disease
    • diabetes
    • the Big C
    • Alzheimer's
    • autoimmune disease
    • autism
    • over or under weight
  • If stress is part of your life
  • If you are looking for answers to your health
  • If you want to understand the women in your life and what they are going through
  • Any of the above

Who this growthshop is NOT for:

  • If you don't want to feel better
  • If caring about your wellness is not for you
  • If you are looking for "the magic pill" that is suppose to fix everything (it doesn't exist, and won't likely ever exist)
  • If you've never experienced stress in your life
  • If you don't care to understand what the women in your life are experiencing
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Why grow & learn from me? 

Because I care, I know, and I'm uber informed to be able to help you!

I've been growing myself into this exact moment for decades, and I am incredibly excited to share all that I know and have learned with you!

  • MS Human Genetics (University of Michigan)
  • MA Educational Studies: Curriculum & Assessment & Professional Development (University of Michigan)
  • 25+ years of professional and educational experience
    • Health Scientist & Researcher (Esperion Pharmaceuticals)
    • Pre-Health & General Academic Advisor (University of Michigan)
    • College Instructor & Tutor (Washtenaw Community College, Florida Atlantic University, & Dartmouth College)
    • Creative, Artist, and Published Non-fiction & Fiction Author
    • Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Student Educational Content Creator, Course Director, & Success Mentor (Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College)
    • Program Manager (first 2 years of dental school) (University of Michigan Dental School)
    • Motivational & Inspirational Speaker (Everywhere I educate)
    • Pre-Health, Success, Career, & Wellness Coach (Independent, In-person, and Online)
  • Personal wellness challenges that led to digging into women's health and becoming an Ardent women's health advocate!
  • I've earned and won numerous academic merit awards and scholarships:
    • NIH Training Grant Recipient
    • University of Michigan Regent’s Fellow
    • Michigan State University President's List (4.0 GPA)
    • National Finalist for Barry M. Goldwater Academic Merit Scholarship
    • American Association of University Women Scholarship
    • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

There is simply NO one else out there with my powerful & unique combination of education, experience, interest, personal drive, and determination to make a positive, healthy difference in your life!

why mk2 S

We women need someone to shine a light on the unknown and the "hushed silence" of women's health issues. 

We're not supposed to talk about our health - especially our hormones, periods, perimenopause, and menopause.  Ladies, this silence is hurting us, even killing us, and I KNOW we deserve better.  We are worthy of our lives and our healing!

We hide our hormone life (note: hormone health is women's health!):

  • Our periods are seen as a weakness.
  • Menopause and perimenopause are laughed off as a joke of life.
  • We're supposed to keep quiet.

We're supposed to bear our challenges in silence, without compassion or empathy.  ... Even though, for many of us, we suffer.  And many of us suffer terribly.

And the tragedy is this silence ... this embarrassment ... this hiding ... it comes with serious consequences.  Many of us are getting preventable illness:

  • we hurt
  • we suffer
  • we feel badly
  • sometimes, we die

This silence MUST STOP!

  • We have to take control of our own wellness!
  • We have to learn what they don't tell us!
  • And we need the empowerment to make the changes we need to heal!
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I KNOW you are valuable ... important ... worth helping!

You are important to me!  And I'm fighting for you and your health, happiness, and wellness!

And I'm expertly trained, highly skilled, filled with love & happiness, and passionately ready to help you!


Q:  How do I gain access to this growthshop?

Once you register, you will be able to download our Welcome Message with our growthshop instructions, link, & passwords.

Q:  How long do I have access to this growthshop once I register?

You will have access to this growthshop for as long as it is publicly published.  (If/when I decide to unpublish this growthshop, I will give you 1 month of advance notice.  However, it is noteworthy that at this time, I have ZERO plans for unpublishing ... we need to get the word out!)

Q:  Do you offer a scholarship program?  I face food/housing/income insecurity, but I REALLY care about my health and VERY MUCH want to learn from your growthshop.

Yes!  Send me an email (support at marykatekopec.com) with answers to ALL of the questions below.  I will review your application and reply with your approval/not approval.

You will need to answer ALL of the following questions honestly and with as much detail as possible to help me help you:

  1.  Tell me why you need this scholarship.
  2.  Tell me why you want this growth experience.
  3.  Share a photo/snap of you/yourself in your favorite room of your house/living space, and tell me why you love this space.
  4. Tell me about a time when you were kind to another person or living creature.

Q:  I'm a college/university student on a limited income.  Do you offer a student discount?

Yes!  Send me an email (support at marykatekopec.com) with a snap of your current and valid college ID, and I will make sure you receive a discount code.

Q:  I emailed you with questions or difficulties?  How long before I hear back from you?

Unless something bizarro happens, I get back with my blossoms within 48 hours.

Q:  What if I run into troubles accessing my growthshop videos and materials?

Email me and my team: support at marykatekopec.com.  Unless something bizarro happens, I get back with my blossoms within 48 hours.

Q:  Do you offer refunds?

As this growthshop is a digital offering, there is no giving it back.  As such, I do not offer refunds.

If you have questions beyond the information you see here on our Information & Registration page, and need a question answered to help know this is the right choice for you, please feel free to email me and my team at support at marykatekopec.com

We will be happy to assist you as best we can! 

Q:  This growthshop was EYE POPPING Wellness NEED TO KNOW ... I want to tell every woman I know.  Do you offer an affiliate program?

My team and I are currently working on our affiliate program and will be announcing it's launch as soon as possible!

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

“Absolutely Mind Blowing!”

“I learned so much more than I ever knew about my own body.  This growthshop is so informative – and it’s given me the positive push I need to take control of and change how I live!

The science of our bodies and health is truly interesting and engaging, not intimidating at all.

Learning with Mary Kate is always compelling and thought-provoking … she helps me be my best me!

Mary Kate always says, ‘I’m gonna grow you,’ and she does! I feel better, more confident, and happier!  She is funny . . . the kindest, sweetest person.  She is one of the most genuine, good people in my life, and she is filled with love and big hugs!”

- Sarah Sitto

MK's Virtual Arty Party Happy Hour. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

“Women's Health Must-Know Info & Go-To Resource!”

“This growthshop provides a comprehensive and up-to-date presentation of female health and wellness knowledge every woman should know!

You will understand the health-life journey your body is on, and this insight is helpful.

The tools and resources fully empower you to take control of your wellness and improve your health.

This presentation comes complete with a substantial list of scientific references for your further reading and personal development.

And the rainbow color-coded journey adds fun and ease to the course navigation."

- Sandra Drake, PhD, Inflammation Scientist & Toxicologist

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

“Essential Women's Health Knowledge Made Enjoyable to Learn!”

“Learning with Mary Kate is always enjoyable!  She's funny, and she knows so much about so much!  She sees things and makes connections others don't, and I find learning from her so engaging and interesting!

What she shares in this growthshop is even beyond what I've learned in my health science education, and it's HUGE - Essential!  I now understand my body in a whole new light!  It's changed how I see what I need to do for myself, and I'm starting by focusing on how and what I eat!  I'm incredibly busy in dental school - my days are booked solid - and she gives me tools that work for me with the time I have!  Her Nut Munch recipe is delicious!  Her Yum & Done! recipes are fast and easy, and help me fuel up for my big days!  She makes caring for myself easy and more do-able!"

- Shahad Zoma, MS, dental school student

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Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

"Mary Kate is casual, comforting, supportive, personable, and sensitive to my needs and emotions. She has helped me in so many ways!"

“Mary Kate has helped me develop a greater understanding of myself … my strengths, weaknesses, and desires. She has helped me become more reflective, which has helped me improve myself. I stay on the positive. I communicate more directly. I view myself more positively now.  I am inspired and more creative now, and I feel I have more opportunities than ever before!"

- Lauren McLean

MK's Virtual Arty Party Happy Hour. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!


"Mary Kate is WOW … the brightest, tallest sunflower with the biggest PINK heart! She'll help you feel SO SUNFLOWERY HAPPY!"

- Stephanie Carras

Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Be Kind to You

“I feel empowered – I feel like I can take on the whole universe!”

“The biggest best thing about spending time with Mary Kate . . . I feel empowered; I feel like I can take on the whole universe! She brings out the best in me. It’s a confidence thing. She helps me see all the best parts of me and takes away my insecurities!”

- Samantha Galloway