Mary Kate Kopec FAQ Love and Big Hugs

Hey Mary Kate, I bought some SQUEE goodness from your shop, but something has gone wrong with my download.  How can I get my goodness goody?

No problem.  Just contact me using the contact page or at support at marykatekopec.com, and we'll get back with you ASAP (usually within 48 hours).  We will absoloodily make sure you get your downloadable goodness goody!!!

Hey Mary Kate, I bought a goodness goody from your shop.  Can I get a refund?

I'm so sorry, but given the digital-downloadable access once you purchase a goodness goody, there is no way for you to return your goodness goody or not use it, so I do not provide refunds.  I thank you for understanding.

Hey Mary Kate, do you sell physical products?  Can I buy a framed print or some pre-printed POSitudes?

In efforts to help reduce my footprint on earth and produce less physical waste, I have committed my goodness goodies to digital availability only. 

However, many of the goodness goodies are print quality (especially the digi art).  You can print them yourself or take them to a professional printer for framing and displaying!

Hey Mary Kate, how can I sign up to get your monthly Love Letters?!!! I need some extra happy loving and big hugging from you!!!

Easy peasy! All you have to do is click here to get to my MK's Love Letter page!

On this page, I tell you all about what my Love Letters are (and what they aren't ... they are NOT marketing emails).  And on this page, you will find the sign up form!

Fill out the short sign up form, and next Love Letter (usually sent on the first Sunday of the month), your inbox will be filled with So Much Love and Big Hugs from me!

Hey Mary Kate, I signed up to get your monthly Love Letters, but I'm not seeing/getting them! What can I do? I need some extra happy loving and big hugging from you!!!

We got this ... totally!

First, check your trash/spam/deleted emails.  If you find my Love Letters here, there is an easy peasy fix: Simply add my Love Letter email to your contacts ... support at marykatekopec dot com.  This will/should prevent my Love Letters from going in the trash.

Second, if you still don’t see them, email me at support at marykatekopec dot com or use the contact form here on my website and let me know.  We'll have a lil email chat, so I can get you all set up manually, and I'll verify with you all is working.

We will make sure you are getting your love letters!!!!  <3

Hey Mary Kate, I LOOOOOVE your blog posts! How can I subscribe?!!!  I need some extra happy loving and big hugging from you with all those On the Bogs, Recipe Revamps, and Self-Caring posts!!!

Easy peasy! At the bottom of every page on my website (this FAQ one included), you will find a section "Subscribe To Blog Via Email."

Enter your email, and click on the Subscribe button.

You will be sent a confirmation email in your email, and once you follow the instructions inside the email, Voila!, you will be subscribed!!!  YAY!!!!