Heal Your Heart & Mend Your Mind Self-Caring Positudes

  • Downloadable PDF ebook
  • 37 pages, cover to cover
  • Captivating, smile inducing, happiness sparking original artwork
  • Self-caring Positudes (therapist approved!)
  • Use for reflection, meditation, and just plain ol’ start feeling better fast!

Dear Gorgeous Soul, Bright Star, and Beautiful Blossom,

This collection of Self-Caring POSitudes has been curated especially for you to bring love and light into your daily life! They are a collection I put together from my therapy sessions.

My therapist loves them and feels they are just what the doctor ordered to help brighten days and share encouragement and joy!  Each POSitude has been created by me from how I see and navigate the world around me.  I find them incredibly helpful, reassuring, and they truly make me feel better … which is why I focus on them daily, looking at them and reflecting on them while I meditate! :0)

When you see these Positudes and read and reflect on them, may they fill your heart with happiness, help you smile, and light up your day with POSitivity!

May you be well and light and love surround you always!

Love & Big Hugs,

Mary Kate

“Be Kind to You!” Lunchtime Loving You with Mary Kate Pop Up Positudes

  • Downloadable PDF ebook
  • 23 pages, cover to cover
  • Includes all 18 of the delightful, bliss-filled, happy, encouraging Pop Up POSitudes as seen in Mary Kate’s Lunchtime Loving You Be Kind to You lunchtime

For added lovin’ and big huggin’ encouragement to keep your days bright and your smile big while you are growing lil’ kindnesses into your life, get these Pop Up POSitudes for squeetastic growing-you reminders at your fingertips!

Lub’s Very Happy Day

  • Lub’s Very Happy Day (Ebook)
  • Suitable for monsters of all ages
  • Downloadable PDF ebook
  • Colorful, squee-tastically happy pages
  • 24 pages, cover to cover
  • Will brighten your day with so much super pink-monstery happiness!
  • Activity pages included

Lub is the happiest, PINKest, most love-filled monster, EVER! Her big, PINK heart is always with her, and it beams brightly in everything she does!