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Recipe: Nut & Seed Munch

Superfoods, Healthy Fats, & Yummy Tasting, … Oh My! Nut/Seed Munch Recipe! 1-2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp hazelnuts 1 tbsp pecans 1 – 2 tbsp sunflower seeds 1 tbsp walnuts Now you can put all of this in a chopper/processor to get a finer munch … I do, sometimes … it helps me not… Continue Reading

Introducing “My Body Is an Alien” (a women’s hormone health blog series)

Introducing “My body is an alien!” (women’s hormone health blog series) Hello my beautiful bright souls! Thank you so much for being here! I’m so happy to be sharing this time with you! What is all this “My body is an alien!” stuff about? Lemme explain why I’m doing this blog series. It’s actually a… Continue Reading

Change your moment, your day, … your life with meaningful prayerful intentioning!

Prayerful Intentioning! WOW!!!! The goodness I feel from growing prayerful intentioning into my life is fundamentally shifting and AMAZING! I love it! And I owe it all to Yoga with Adriene. Adriene Mishler of YWA is, for me, a positive angel on earth filled with peaceful, healing goodness that emanates in powerful waves of light… Continue Reading

Is There a Golden Key for Unlocking Happiness?

Is there a golden key for unlocking happiness?  I think so. A fellow wellness blogger and friend of mine, Dylan, were having a conversation the other day. We were talking about (trying to figure out why) people seem to ignore or avoid happiness inspiring images and or content (well, beyond that of adorable cute animals… Continue Reading

The Month of Love!

For me, February is the month of love!!!  I know I’m not joined in this sentiment by all, and I remember my younger days of singleness, lacking a date for “the big day.”  And I remember the sad, aloneness I felt. I hated feeling that way, and so many, many, many, many years back, I… Continue Reading

We are Complementary Beauties!

We are complementary beauties! But for all the world, you wouldn’t know it. Not with how media, culture, our employment, and even our friendships pit us against one another. I find myself having this conversation with every single one of my beautiful coaching souls. My friends. And I’ve had this conversation with my therapist. All… Continue Reading