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How a Treasured Friendship Lost Gave Me Something Life Changing to be Grateful for!
(… and how it’s made my life a happier and better place to be!)

Hello Beautiful Blossoms! I have a Thanksgiving story of Gratitude-Giving to share with you.  It’s all about how a treasured friendship lost gave me something life changing to be grateful for, and how it’s made my life a happier and better place to be! Treasured friendship lost Has it ever happened to you?  You’ve had… Continue Reading

Grow your happiness with smiles!

Hello Sweet Beautiful Rays of Sunshine! Today, you get to ask yourself a powerful question: Do I want to be happy? … Don’t let this scare you off. I know I was super direct. But it’s a real and worthy question. That can sometimes be a bit scary. Please don’t be scared. I’m right here… Continue Reading

Practicing Gratitude for the win! Do it! Feel better!

Hello Gorgeous Blossoms!!! Life happens.  And sometimes it happens to not be nice about it.  We can feel stress, frustration, anger, … a whole range of negative emotions … none of which are actually helpful.  Most are usually hurtful, in fact. It can be so easy to give into the negative emotions.  So incredibly satisfying. … Continue Reading

Recipe: Chicken Bone Broth
MK’s Happy, Healthy, Healing, Yummy Goodness for YOU!

Hello hungry, happy hearts! Flu/cold season is here.  A day doesn’t go by that I’m not reading about one of my peeps falling down to a mean bug of some sort.  Ugh!  I hate being sick!!!  So let’s talk about one of the most healing foods you can ever eat: Chicken Bone Broth! Why is… Continue Reading

But, but, but, … I LOVE Gluten!
Having to go gluten-free and making it work for me.

Sweetest Love Muffins, I LOVE gluten.  I love it in my cakes, cookies, muffins, breads, biscuits, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, pasta, brownies, croissants, coffee cake, donuts, gravies, cereals, … Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … Gluten!!! I miss it so much. This will be my second holiday season sans the gluten.  No Thanksgiving stuffing, gravies, desserts … oh my. … Continue Reading

What you give power, has power …

Hello Gorgeous Loves, I haven’t always been strong.  For a very long time, I wasn’t very strong at all.  And there are still times when I don’t feel strong. But there’s this thought in my head, this guiding principle I use to grow: What you give power, has power. This guiding thought is an offshoot… Continue Reading

Create your very own Happy Healing Place toolbox of goodness!

Hello Happy Hearts! A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how kindness saved my life.  In my story of me, I talked about having a safe place to go and be while life was beating me down.  In our happy chit chat today, I want to grow this idea into a bursting toolbox of… Continue Reading

Arting it up for happiness and healthiness – color your stress away!

Hello Sparkling Sprites of Joy! I’m so excited to talk to you today about THE something that has helped me calm my anxious nerves and tackle overwhelming stress more than anything else (except for Pauli’s hugs and soothing voice) … but he can’t be by me 24/7, and let’s be real … even heroes need… Continue Reading

How the kindness of others saved my life …

Sweet wonderful love muffins, You know that person in your life – the one who makes one bad decision after the next?  Maybe it’s her continual bad choices in relationships.  Or how she keeps screwing up jobs.  Or whatever it is that makes you shake your head. That something – or even, somethings – whatever… Continue Reading

What to do when life falls down hard on you …

A beautiful blossom emailed me the other day.  She told me she is going through some things, and that there isn’t anything she can do about it. It truly sucks when life falls on you like this.  It happens.  It’s usually hard, seriously unfun, and oftentimes, it leaves us feeling terribly isolated, anxious, and depressed… Continue Reading