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Spring Is Coming!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

On the Bog! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

Spring Is Coming!

The sun rose, big and bright over the Bog, lifting the spirits of everyone as it started its climb upward into the brilliant blue sky!

Cottony fluffball clouds dotted the luminous blue, way up high, and invited the sun to join them.

It was a new dawn. A new day. And spring was on its blossoming way!

The snow had mostly melted, leaving only small, wet, glistening patches here and there.

The deciduous trees weren’t quite budding yet, but the faint buzz and hum of life from all the awakening creatures in the Bog could be heard. The stir of everyone waking up from their winter slumber filled the air with jubilant, bubbly excitement!

Even though the breeze was still brisk with the chill of winter fading, Kat, Bear, and Wogs felt warm with happiness and delighted anticipation for all the coming goodness of spring!

Squeech flittered from branch to branch, chirping and singing with energized cheer! Tickled pink, Flop and Fluff hopped and bounced with lightness and glee! Even Bear could be heard purring in delight!

Kat (feeling a renewed and refreshed brightness in her heart and waving big love and light to you!): Hugging you so big! Isn’t this just a wonderful breath of fresh air?!!!!

Wogs (feeling a bounce in his step and waving love and light to you): Hugging you so big! Take this moment just for you; be light and breathe deep!

Bear (purring loudly now and flicker-waving love and light to you from the tip of his tail): Mrow! (…which of course means he is hugging you so big … and encouraging you to take this moment to refresh and take a deep, cleansing breath!)

Winter can be so long, so cold, and so dis-inviting. I hope the thawing snows, brightening sun, warming weather, and the promise of spring coming helps to lift your spirits and help you feel light and bright again!

If you've been busy, busy on the go, go, go, or feeling low, please take a moment to simply be. Wherever you are. Whatever is calling to you. For even just a breath, stop and savor you, your precious and beautiful body, this moment, and this breath. Feel a re-blossoming of your goodness and joy! And smile the biggest you've smiled all day!!!

I'm hugging you so BIG! Filling you with all the love in my heart! And surrounding you with blooming, cheerful light!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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