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Hoo Hoo. Who’s there?
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs). Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs

Hoo, Hoo . . . Who’s there?

Ohmigoodness, company has come to the Bog!

Winter’s chill was taking a break under the warm blanket of cloud cover. Bright stars sneakily peeked through, and the crescent moon beamed happily.

With such delight to be had, Kat, Bear, and Wogs set up their tent and got a roasty, toasty, crackling fire going. Some hot chockit and marshmallows would be so much fun!

As they settled in, chitter chatter of a new kind caught their attention over the sounds of popping wood and dancing flames, surprising them and freezing them in place to listen closely.

“Hoo hoo,” they heard and eyed each other excitedly. When off in the distance, another, more faint “Hoo hoo” responded.

Kat (whispering, filled with squee delight): Are those owls?!

Wogs (nodding, feeling the excitement and fun): I think so. I heard it was mating season.

Bear (cocking his head to hear better and loving the fun of having wildlife company): Mrow.


Brighten your life with shared experiences. Even in the smallest of seeming events, your joy can bound!

Thinking of you with so much love in my heart and sending you my biggest, bestest hugs to hold you tight on the long, cold, wintery nights (and throughout the days, too)!

Remember to keep hydrated. If you're looking for warm/hot hydration, herbal teas, hot water with lemon &/or cinnamon, or even straight up sipping on hot water all go a long way to keeping you well hydrated and detoxing, which is some really good stuff! :0)

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

Winter Wander!
On the Bog! (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

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Snow Angels!
On the Bog! (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

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Merry Christmas!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

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And the winner is …
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

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Sunny Snow Day Competition
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

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On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

Kat: Cold out. Wogs / Bear: Yep. / Mrow. Kat: But the fire’s nice. Wogs / Bear: Yep. / Mrow. Kat: And the hot cocoa is delicious! Wogs / Bear: Yep. / Mrow. Kat: Being here with you is the BEST-est! Wogs / Bear (looks at Kat & smiles warmly): Yep. / Mrow. Brighten your life with… Continue Reading