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MK’s Reflections: What life do you want to live?

Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

What life do you want to live?

Hello Bright Star!

When I was a young adult, the life I wanted to live was survival.  Pay rent.  Get food.  Afford electricity.  The basics.

I joined the US Air Force to get stability and ended up in the Gulf War ... not the most stable of life events.  And then I got lucky.  I was offered the GI Bill.  It wasn't a lot of money, but it was help to go to college, and so I did.

In college, I knew I wanted 2 things: to be the absolute best student I could be (on the ideal this would provide me more options), and to get get a degree in science.  I nailed both.

This whole time, I never stopped to ask myself what life I wanted to live.  I was just simply living and surviving.  It was instinctual.  Habit, sort of.  I was just digging into life like what I saw other people doing.  Go to work, pay bills.  You know the drill.  But with college, the closest I got to asking myself what life I wanted to live was to simply keeping living and trying to build a better life than "survive."

Jump forward a few decades of endless work ethic and hours, followed by chronic illness most likely brought on by all the work and surviving, and I'm in a new place.

A place with reflective and insightful perspective.  I've learned to ask the question: What life do you want to live?

Of course, this is a value based life query.

What life do you want to live?

I invite you to make some time for yourself and answer this question.  Grow your idea of life.  Grow your hopes and dreams.  Give your life meaningful direction by understanding what is important to you!

I'm going to share my answer to this question by rephrasing the question as: What are the TOP 10 things you want to do in your life?  (Asked this way by the ever wonderful Leonie Dawson!)

  • Have a beautiful, happy, supportive, loving, wonderful life with my honeybun
  • Create happiness, light, love, joy, positivity
  • Live in gratitude & wellness
  • Grow and nurture beautiful relationships
  • For my body, mind, soul, efforts, and energies, nurture, nourish, live, learn, and grow with sustainability, conservation, goodness, wellness, healthiness
  • Movement in my life through yoga, walking, bouncing, and outdoor adventures
  • Be authentic and genuine and be my best possible self
  • See and experience the beauty of nature
  • Live and die painlessly
  • Have a positive, kind, loving impact on all those I encounter … and if possible improve the earth’s wellness through my actions and helping others in need, like seniors, homeless, and abused and neglected animals

I hope sharing my list helps encourage you to create your list!

I use my list to guide my daily endeavors ... I am living this life!  I love it!!!

I hope to help you grow a life you love living, too!

Big Hugging you with my loving PINK heart!

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

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