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MK’s “Dreaming Big Living It Small to Make A Difference” Save the Bees Dream!

In my Inspired Life Dreaming Big … I’m helping to save the bees and the trees … and clean water and clean air. But for today, let’s talk about my DREAMing BIG SAVE the BEES idea … like for fun, but also in seriousness. In the “for fun” of things, I recognize one small simple… Continue Reading

Living an Inspired Life!
Welcome! Let’s get you started!

Living an Inspired Life! Living an inspired life fulfills your heart, mind, body, and soul!  You starburst with your own brightness!  Your goodness gushes out of you with the mirth of authenticity!  You feel real!  You glow with happiness!  Your unique beauty and gifts light up the world, making us a better place to be!… Continue Reading