There’s a Dragonfly on Me!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

Dragonfly! On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs). Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

There’s a Dragonfly on Me!!!

Bear sat absolutely still, only daring to slant his eyes to the crook of his tail to see the beautiful dragonfly resting there.

This was a first for Bear!  And he was SUPER excited, but SO very, very still.  And quiiii-et, shhhh.

Wondering if he should hold his breath, Bear watched as the dragonfly gently raised and lowered its nearly invisible, translucent wings, as if the dragonfly was ready to dart at a moment’s notice, but for now was liking its perch.

There was a gentle, cool, Fall breeze with the sun shining bright and only a smattering of fluffy, puffy white clouds in the sky.  Kat, Bear, and Wogs were taking in the delights of the day knowing soon it would be cold and much of nature would grow quiet under the upcoming blanket of winter.

Kat (whispering in giddy excitement): Ohmigosh Bear, look at you!  You’ve got a dragonfly on you!

Wogs (gasping with a big smile and whispering): How cool are you, Bear?!  What a fun thing to happen to you!

Bear (mrowing with uncontainable excitement, but only on the inside, he was exclaiming, “There’s a dragonfly on me!  There’s a dragonfly on me!” … and thinking, This “being present in the moment in nature” thing is cool … hashtag, MakeThisALifeGoal!): <3

Dragonfly! On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs). Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

It really is the small things!

Hello Beautiful Blossom!

How are you today?  Is there something you need?  Something that will help you feel whole, well, and loved?  Can you give yourself this thing?

I am thinking of you with love in my heart and hugs coming to you from my open and welcoming arms!

What little thing can you do for yourself today?

  • Can you take a moment to breathe intentionally?
  • Can you stop for a moment to soak up the nature around you?
  • Is there someone you can connect with to just say HI and let them know they are thought of, and for you to be thought of?
  • Maybe, you just need a good book, warm blanket, cozy couch, cuppa something warm and tasty and a moment to yourself.

Today, I wish you the small things.  The little things that go a long way in bringing you joy, peace, calm. love, laughter, and wellness!

Today, my love for you travels to you from the happy wake of a dragonfly's wings!


Tower Garden by Juice Plus+. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

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