Customized Doodle Art

Customized Doodle Art. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Customized Doodle Art

Project: Loving Baby Jacob All Day Long, Everyday!

Sweet Bright Stars!

How you are you today?

Needing a little cuteness to brighten your smile and your day?  Well, look no further.  This delightful customized doodle art series is sure to bring some squee to you!

For a while now, I've been getting requests for customized doodles.  Requests ranging from "Could you create some doodles for my website?" to "Could you doodle the art for my children's books?"  And now, "Could you doodle some print art for my grandson's baby room?"

Honestly, until now, I've shied away from most requests.  Mostly because of time ... with my days ever being challenged by health struggles, I've been nervous about taking on overly big projects.  I have so much to create for you here, and I don't get a lot of create time to love you big - I didn't want the bulk of my create time focused not on you.

But then, a happy blossom like you, reached out to me with a story about her first grandbaby on the way!  She wanted to decorate his bedroom at her house with happy art work, and she loves my doodles!  She especially loves my lion and giraffe!  She smiled and beamed with so much joy and love for my doodles, and the project was on the smaller side ... sooooooo, I said, "Yes!", and here we are!

Our Project Process

To help ensure I created the perfect doodle art prints for her, we Zoom consulted throughout the project.  We talked about:

  • Theme
  • Main elements
  • Colors
  • Sentiment wording
  • Desired effects
  • Little special touches

I worked closely with my bright blossom to ensure the doodle art was everything she hoped!

Once the 3 print series was complete, I shared the files with her along with "How-To's" and "Things to Consider" for printing:

  • types of paper and other surface options to print on
  • printing at home vs office center printing vs professional printing
  • color matching for her space (giving her the opportunity to color match to her room/space, and for me to make adjustments before committing to the final prints)
  • framing and matting options (She chose standard frame size prints for ease and convenience.)

And now, sweet baby Jacob has his own happy doodles in his room with love and big hugs surrounding him!

How squee is that?!!!

Interested in Custom Doodle Art for You?

Having ventured into the world of customized doodle arts has been fun and filled with love.  I'm open to more requests!  If you're loving my doodles and would love to have a custom digital print created for you, contact me, and we can discuss the details!

This customized doodle art project for baby Jacob has been a delight and happy time of creation and sharing for me!  I feel gratitude for the request and being able to brighten little Jacob's days (and those of his grandmama)!

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