A Hint of Fall Color!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

Fall Color. On the Bog. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

A Hint of Fall Color!

A hot summer sun blazed high in the sky, brightening the day and keeping spirits high.  On the Bog, Kat, Bear, and Wogs were out for an exploration trek and enjoying the incoming fall breeze keeping them cool as they hiked on.  Bear was excited for the wagon ride through the “wild”!

Our adventuring trio found Belle resting on an inviting hammock.  She chirped her happiness when they stopped to say, “HI.” and admire the hint of fall color showing on the two, tall red maples hosting the hammock.

Flop, Fluff, and Squeech all played nearby and were enjoying the gentle turn of weather.

Kat (looking up at the clouds, then back to the hammock and thinking it might be nice to rest a while and watch the clouds float by):  I think we should try out that hammock when Squeech is done!

Wogs (nodded, smiling at the thought):  Definitely!  We can explore for a bit more to give Bear a big ride, then come back.

Bear (loving this plan and looking forward to some wagon nap time after adventuring flicker-swished his tail in happiness):  Mrow!

Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Hello Beautiful Sweet Souls!

Our world is becoming ever more challenging.  I’m guessing you feel it, too.  The anger, angst, frustration, and even fear.  It’s been building, bubbling, and boiling.

When times get hard like this, it can get harder to cope and navigate.  I know I’m finding it harder.  Our usual self-care can fall short.  We can feel ourselves melting under the weight of stress of negativity.

Dearest, loveliest, bright blossom, dig your roots deep.  Don’t give up, and know you are loved and not alone, and you are needed!  Shine your petals wide and bright into the sunlight and take in the warmth and positive energy!  Let the goodness wash over you and help preserve you!

This is a time for a deeper dive into what works for us!  Connect and share with your like-minded love muffins.  Breathe deeply, slowly, measured and paced.  Get movement into your body.  Nourish and hydrate.  Hug yourself.  Unplug and disconnect.  Rest and rejuvenate.  Head outside and be present to just watch the clouds float by.

And when you need a release beyond your efforts to quiet and calm the howling winds outside … go for a run, knead some bread (maybe punch it a little, or maybe even a lot! … lol), faceplant into a pillow deep in the recesses of your closet and scream … but find a positive release that will help you get the stress out, let go, and heal.

I know it’s harder for many of us.  Me, too.  But harder isn’t impossible.  It’s just harder, and we’re worth our effort!

Focus on what works for you!  Focus on what empowers you!  Focus on what makes you feel happiness in your heart and heals your soul, mind, and body!

One day, one step, one breath at a time … together with love and goodness as our guiding value … let’s watch the clouds float by and feel peace and calm and love in our hearts!

Thank you for sharing this time and being here with me in love and big hugs!  Squeezing you tight!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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