Be the Change

Be the change! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

"Be the Change you wish to see in the world!"  Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Sweet Blossoms!

Mahatma Gandhi got it right!

If I've learned anything in this life (and I've learned lots), it's that you can't control others.  You can't make them be anything.  For instance, you can't make someone else be happy.  You can't make someone care.  You can't make someone be anything they don't want to be.

Buuuuuttttt ...

We are impressionable beings.  We are social.  We hang out in groups, and we listen.  We can be influenced.

We can be change!

We can be goodness!  We can be love!  We can be light!

Today I have a singular light brightening my brain.  This light has been calling to me for months.  It's a light I need to shine brightly and to share, because it's a light of making a positive difference.  It's a light that shows just how good we can be!  It shows the change we can make!

Be the change! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Be a BEST PERSON in peoples lives!

A little while back I learned that a dear friend had passed.  She was young.  ... Cancer.  Taken before her time, and a devastating loss to all those who were fortunate to share life with her.

She liked ice cold cokey colas.  Just about everything she ate needed "a lil salt" after a first tiny bite.  Her laugh was mirthful and hearty.  No one could decorate a Christmas tree like her, but pilots could use the lights as a landing beacon.  And her heart was pure gold!

She was hard work, determination, grit, and a lickity split brain!  She was reliable, authentic, and she liked flying under the radar.  Meghan wasn't looking for other people to make her feel important with ribbons and awards.  But she was special; she was perfect (in only a way Meghan could be)!

Meghan was a Best Person in my life! (which is why I'm sharing with you!)  :0)

Do you have a Meghan (Best Person) in your life?

I think we all have Meghans in our lives.  The people who authentically shine and make us look inward to be our best selves!

I think to all the people who have come into my life.  Beautiful souls!  Bright lights!  Angels on earth!  Even spritely little fairies of goodness!

I feel drawn to them.  I feel fortunate to share life with them.  And for all that I've learned in life, even though I can't make anyone be anything, I can be goodness in their day!

I can strive to always be my best, give my best, and help my best for others!

I feel that even if I only get five seconds in passing, I can smile!  I feel deep gratitude for you and this time we share!  And I strive to always be a light in your days!

I can be the change I wish to see in this world!

I can be the change for goodness!  I can be the change for love!  I can be the change for authenticity!  I can be the change for happiness and wellness!

Be the change! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

I invite you to be a Best Person for others!  (Be the change!)

Being a best person (the change) isn't about being perfect.  It's not about always being something uber, impossibly positive.

It's about being authentic.  It's about being there, ... caring.  It's about trying to leave each person you encounter in a better place than they were before you were there.

  • A smile.
  • A hug.
  • Words of kindness, or love, or support, ... or all of these!
  • Maybe it's a gift of your time to help them tackle something challenging they are facing.
  • Maybe it's just time shared laughing together and having a fun chit chat.

Whatever it is, let it be bright!  Let your love shine abundantly!

"Be the change ...", as Gandhi has said.  I call it Being the Ripple!

You are precious!

You are light!  We need you!!!!

Our world is faced with many struggles!  And one thing is for sure, Our Love and Light can help!!!  (It certainly won't hurt ... so ... sweet blossom ... Let's be the change!  Let's be the ripple!)

Love and Big Hugging you big ... and I'm smiling at you so bright my cheeks are practically in my ears!!!!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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