Comedy Night at Froggy Bog!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

Laughter is medicine! On the Bog! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Comedy Night at Froggy Bogs!

The darkness of night had fallen On the Bog, lit only by a faint crescent moon tucked behind thick clouds, some gently twinkling stars, and lots of blinking fireflies.

The pleasant summer day had been sunny and warm with a happy, cooling breeze to make their playtime an absolute delight!  Kat, Bear, and Wogs were all tuckered out from their big outside adventuring and silliness.

Nestled inside Starry Cottage On the Bog, they all snuggled together on their big, fluffy couch and listened to the froggy boggy sounds outside.

Kat (smiling and wondering) It sounds like they’re laughing!

Wogs (nodding and smiling back)Yeah, must be stand-up night, and their comedian is hilarious!

Bear (thinking the frogs were probably laughing at them for spending such a good night inside and missing out on all the moonlit fun, wagged the end of his tail with eagerness, but then yawned):  Mrow.

Laughter is medicine! On the Bog! Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Laughter is some powerful medicine!

Laughter can actually reduce pain and encourage healing!

And let’s be real … we could all use some healing right now … if not physically, then mentally and emotionally.

As we dip into yet another wave of pandemic challenge and hear more about the climate crisis, and …, and …, and …, … … … whatever the world is throwing our way, it can be hard to stay positive.  Upbeat.  Lighthearted.  … Or even, just to be okay and hanging in there.

Our morale can drop, and with it, it can take our overall well-being (including physical).  So it’s important for us to find ways to laugh and lighten up … to be bright and smile!

It’s important for us to connect with our loving, happy peeps!  It’s important for us to be seen and heard.  And it’s important for us to feel loved, smile big, and laugh hard!

So hug yourself or the creature sitting next to you (human or furry), and tell yourself this goodness: I am LOVED!  I am NEEDED!  I am a BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL LIGHT IN THIS WORLD!

Smile and laugh!  Share your smiles and laughter with others!  (Did you know that even if you have to force a smile or laugh, it still helps??? … It’s true!)

So in these times when it can be easy to see darkness, I offer to you the gentle, loving, hugging reminder to Focus On What You Can Do To Help Your Body Cope And Heal!

And right now, you can smile and laugh!  And know I love you!!!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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