Turtle Time!
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs). Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs!

Turtle Time!

With summer quickly approaching, activity On the Bog was at an all time high!  And the turtles were getting in on the action!

The blue skies were mostly clear, and the sun was bright and happy.  Bug and bird life fluttered, flittered, and flew all about, buzzing and chirping, humming and tweeting, and making for a most melodious delight!

Tree canopies bubbled with leafy life and gently swayed in the comfortable, warm breeze.  Wildflowers burst with color.  And our adventurous trio, Kat, Bear, and Wogs, out for an afternoon walk, came upon the joyful busy of the Bog.

Tabitha, the snapping turtle, had emerged from the depths of the bog covered in algae, and was nestled into the hole she’d dug, laying her many eggs!  By the middle of summer, baby snappers would be scattering about!

Tomi the Taxi, a painted turtle, was happily ferrying riders from one bog spot to another.  Kat, Bear, and Wogs looked on as Tomi gave Belle a free ride … Belle and Squeech were taking turns and having fun!  Tomi was cheerfully playing along with his feathery friends!

Kat (excited to see turtles, thinking they are SO cute):  Ohmigosh, look! Turtles!!!!

Wogs (thinking turtles are SO cool):  I see them!  And look, Tomi’s playing taxi ride for the day!  We should go grab our picnic gear and camp out for the afternoon!

Bear (cheerfully flicker-waving his tail at all the scurrying and flurrying and enjoying their adventurous find totally agreed with Kat and Wogs):  Mrow!

Hello Beautiful Light of Love and Happiness!

Thinking of you being here with me, I'm bouncing with giddy glee!  You make me smile so big, and you fill my heart to overflowing!  Thank you for our shared time together!!!

Remember to give yourself a big hug and lots of love today!  Drink lots of water.  Nibble on nutritious num nums.  Get up, wiggle/dance/walk around, and give your body some movement love!  And take a moment to look at something you love and just breathe and be!  You got today SO GOOD!!!!

muah! xoxox!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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