The Month of Love!

Be Love. Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs.

For me, February is the month of love!!!  I know I'm not joined in this sentiment by all, and I remember my younger days of singleness, lacking a date for "the big day."  And I remember the sad, aloneness I felt.

I hated feeling that way, and so many, many, many, many years back, I decided to change my focus.  To reframe the day.  To value it for something more than just a date holiday.  To see it for the goodness buried within, super deep, and super AWESOME!

In 365 days of the year, we have set aside a single day to celebrate love.  ... Uh.  One whole day?  For celebrating love?  That's all????  No wonder we're all depressed!  Clearly, we need more love!

I thought, I gotta change this shiz!  At first, I upgraded it to a week.  But you know me ... that just wasn't enough.  So now, ... it's a whole month!!!  (And, shhhh, just between you and me, lol, you know, I kinda do this all year, all the time, I just get super excited in February, cuz peeps go all out putting up hearts and pinks everywhere ... and you know that just makes me spasm with giddiness!!!)

So now, I use the month of February to celebrate love of every kind ... to celebrate the brightness we can bring into our own lives and the lives of others!  And I invite you to join me!  ... In doing so, we can make the world a better place!!!

We have the power to be love, for ourselves, and for those around us!

We have the POWER, and I think we should use it for AWESOME!!!

And so, I made this itty bitty short video with a BIG, Heart-Pinking message in ... just for you!

Love and Big Hugs Mary Kate

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