And the winner is …
On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs)

On the Bog (with Kat, Bear, & Wogs) Mary Kate Kopec. Love and Big Hugs

And the Winner Is …

The Bog sounded of love, delighted and squee-filled cheer, and loud congratulatory applause!

After an exciting and suspense-ish-filled day of votes rolling in, the Bog Community has spoken and our Sunny Snow Day Competition has a clear winner!

With a seesaw of ups and downs as the votes were tabulated Team Snowhuman and Team Snowcat bustled to be heard.

At first Team Snowhuman came in with a slim lead. Then Team Snowcat rallied. And on and on throughout the day. Up and down. Who would come out shining the brightest?

In the end, your voices have been heard and your votes tallied. By a narrow, but firm lead,

Team Snowcat wins!!!

Before returning to his comfy Bog-side perch, Squeech presents the 1st Place Gold Ribbon to Bear!

Kat (Clapping with squeetastic giddiness): Woohoo, Bear! Your snowcat is super cute!

Wogs (Clapping big time, whistles with cheer and excitement!): Way to go, Bear! Your snowcat is SO COOL!

Bear (Triumphantly singing “I am the Champion … of the world” in his head steps up to receive his gold ribbon. Flicker-waving the tip of his tail in tell tale thanks to his team, he blinks with cool gratitude and simply states): Mrow!

Thank you to you our On the Bog Community for casting your votes and bringing so much fun, silliness, and excitement to our day!!!

Wishing you cheerful merriment as our holidays continue. Loving you SO BIG and Hugging you SQUEEZY TIGHT!


Mary Kate :0)

ps: remember to hug yourself today, hydrate happily, and nourish yummily! snag a few quiet moments for yourself, and get a little movement flowing in your body! feel good, and smile big! you are a joyous gift, and we give gratitude for the light you are beaming into the world with us! big love!

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