Feeling Absoloodely Squeelightful!

Squeelightful Mary Kate Kopec

Happy Friday all my Beautiful Wonderful Happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!

At the moment, I’m feeling absoloodely squeelightful!!!  I’ve had a great week helping all my new students as they get ready to apply to medical or dental school, and it feels invigorating and jump-up-and-down-giddytacular!!!  In my new biz, The Best You PAL Academy, I’m meeting terrific people who really care, and who want to help others live healthy lives and have healthy, happy smiles … and that’s a wonderful thing!!!

Damn, Girl. That Sucks. Mary Kate KopecAnd My Thankful, Happy, Smile and SQUEE Sharing Goodwill Tour has been such a Pinktacular success!!!  And that feels good!!!

And Pauli and I will be celebrating a special anniversary soon!!!  And we have a perfect silly date night all planned out!!!

So with all the hard work rolling at me … and my lists growing ever longer … I’m smiling and digging in with absoloodle squeelight!!!

I wish you an absoloodely squeelightful day and weekend!!!  With lots of chocolate, giggles, sunshine, and fun!!!

Big Hugs,

Mary Kate

Oh My Pinkness!!! 6 Minutes of SQUEE Silliness!!!

Oh My Pinkness by Mary Kate Kopec

Hi All!!  For you today, I have 6 minutes of video silliness with a very happy thank you to you, some news, and some chitchat!

Lemme know how you like the video … it’s something new I’m trying for you!  :0)

And next time … I’ll make sure to check the back of my hair first.  Rookie faux pas.  LOL!

Hugs and Silliness!!!

Mary Kate :0)

MKKBLog1 from Mary Kopec on Vimeo.

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