Smiling SQUEE
You & Me!

PINKtacular Squee Mary Kate Kopec

Happy Friday to you all my beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!

My happiness challenge for you today … SMILE!  Smile and think of something wonderful you have done for yourself today … remind yourself you are beautiful, wonderful, bright, and Totally PINKtacular!  Reaffirm your amazingness and think your positive pinktacular thoughts!

Whatever your wonderful thing is:

You ate something good for you.  You hugged your honeybun.  You squeezed your kids and started their day off right.  You tamped down an anxiety attack.  You ate chocolate (see under: you ate something good for you!!!)  You didn’t think a bad thought.  You hydrated.  You got some exercise.  And on and on … you know what you’ve done for yourself …

Think it and be SQUEE and SMILE!!!  And brighten your day!!!

And then smile at the next person you see who isn’t smiling and help brighten their day!

One smile at a time, we’re making our Friday a beautiful wonderful bright PINKtacular SQUEE day!

Big Hugs!!!

Mary Kate :0)

Feeling Your PINKitude?

Living Pinkitude Mary Kate Kopec

Happy Friday my beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!

I’ve been working hard on my new biz, and it’s going well, and I’m feeling down right giddy about it.  I’m helping people again!!!  And it feels so soul-soothingly wonderful, PINK, and totally SQUEE!!!  My soul absolutely moves every happy shade of PINK when I help my students be their awesometacular selves … with big, bright, shiny smiles and all!!!

I read an article this week about a Canadian woman who died in her fiance’s arms during the recent London attacks.  My heart gasps at what kind of horrible pain that must’ve been, and my thoughts, love, and intentions go out to her fiance, family, and friends, and all the people who are affected by yet again another horrific happening in the world.

I want to take a moment to remember this woman, as she will most certainly be missed along with her wonderful PINK spirit and all the help she gave to those in need around her.  Her name was Christine Archibald, and she was a “talented social worker and exceptional human being who inspired all who worked with her.”  She worked in a homeless shelter and she helped those in need.  She is remembered as a “bright light,” and we needed her.  The world needs so many more wonderful bright spirits willing to help, especially in these hard times, when so many are feeling lonely, isolated, lost, and depressed.

If you’d like to read more about Christine’s story, click here.  And if you feel so moved to help make your community a better place, #Chrissysentme will let the family know.  :0)

It starts with the smallest of things.  Our PINK hearts and smiles.  Hold a hand in need.  Be the ear for a friend or a stranger.  And hug your family.  Our community starts at home with our loved ones and our friends, and grows bigger from there.  Big Hearts my SQUEE-Peeps!  The world needs our bright, sunny, and SQUEE Big Hearts!!!

Love you,

Mary Kate :0)