Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Book Signing!!!

Mary Kate Kopec at 2016 Glass City Author Event

Hi All!  Exciting news!!!  I’ll be signing books at the “Through The Looking Glass” Glass City Author Event in Toledo, OH on October 8, 2016.  I am registered for the 1 – 5 pm signing block!!!  SQUEEEEEEE!  <3  :0)

Mark your calendars and plan to come out for an awesome day of fun, laughs, and fabulous books!!!  There will be almost 200 authors signing!!!  Models and more!!!  :0)

I will have more information coming to you in the upcoming months.  For now a couple of quick functional tidbits.

  1. I’m thinking about bling … wondering what kind you love.  Lemme know!  Not sure what I’m doing yet, but open to blinging you up!!!  <3  :0)
  2. I’m working with my designer to get a pre-order form up and running.  I’ll let you know more about this once we have something in place.  :0)
  3. Admissions tickets are $25 for the whole day (9 am – 5 pm), but currently on sale for $10.  Click here to get your tickets now!

Here’s the current event poster:

Can’t wait to see you there!!! <3

Love and Hugs,

Mary Kate :0)  <3



You are the best-est readers!!! Love you!!! <3

Love and Thanks to my readers!!!

I am so lucky to have you!  You are the best-est readers, and you really know how to make my day!!!  This new review for Damn, Girl. That Sucks. just came in from Eunice H. on Amazon.  I don’t know who you are Eunice, but you made my day!!!  And you made Ivy’s, too!!!  Thank you for sharing your happiness with us!  Your words and enthusiasm are a smile on my heart!!!  I’m absolutely thrilled to bits that you loved Ivy’s story as I’d hoped each and every one of you would!!!  <3  <3  <3

Amazon Review for Damn, Girl. That Sucks.

Thank you OH SO MUCH!!!

Hugs and Love,

Mary Kate :0)