Dip & Devour Anniversary Edition!!!

Dip & Devour Anniversary Edition Front Cover

To celebrate bringing this beloved title under my own company’s imprint, Love Notes, I decided to commission a brilliant, new, re-imagined cover from Lena Shore, LenaShore.com.  I couldn’t be more SQUEE with the way it has turned out … Lena is truly a digital-art-magician!!!  Hasn’t she done a beautifully chocolicious job of making the cover look Dip & Devour-able???  (Thank you, Lena!!!!)

I’m in the process of making some new edits and adding little surprises to the book. I will have it all ready to go for its debut launch at the Glass City Author Event in Toledo, OH on Saturday, October 8th, from 1 – 5 pm.

If you are going to be in the area and would like to get your hands on a personally inscribed copy … and you want to save big … make sure to pre-order your copy today!!!

If you’re not going to be at the show, but you’d like a personally inscribed copy sent to you send me an email at marykate at marykatekopec dot com, and we can make arrangements to get a copy to you!!!

Love you and sending you SQUEE!!!

Mary Kate

Dip & Devour Anniversary Edition Full Cover Image

SQUEE … I’m back!!!

Hey … where you going?

Mary Kate Kopec

The party’s just getting started…

Hi All!!!  It’s as much where I’m going as it is where I’ve been.  And can I just say how much I’ve missed you!!!  OH SO MUCH!!!  My heart just hasn’t been as happy being without you!!!  I’m so SQUEE to be lifting my self-imposed, work-my-ass-off cave time.

A few months back I got this great idea — and it’s still a great idea — but it’s taking forever to make happen.  But it’s a really good thing, and I’ll be telling you more about it in an upcoming post–as I’m in my big push to finish up. For now, I’ll just say that despite my best intentions and massive enthusiasm, I had no idea it would take this long or that so many crazy life things would happen in the interim (shocking, stop-my-world, painful, and thankfully short-lived illness followed by a “heart attack” [that was a truly sucky ass night and day in the hospital … thankfully, I’m okay] followed by a holy shit, fuck nuts, 45 hr, drive-to-FL- “mom extraction, post her own hospital discharge”-drive back to PA … and now my mom is living with us … major adjustment period … lol … otherwise, I would’ve rethought my idea of radio silence and not been away from you all this time.

The good news is that despite all this … I’ve had many pokers in the fire, and my pokers are starting to come to fruition.  Which is TOTAL SQUEE!!!  :0)

One of the pokers is my upcoming book signing at the Glass City Author Event in Toledo, OH on Saturday, October 8th, from 1 – 5 pm.  I’ve mentioned this before, and my excitement is growing leaps and bounds.  And this time, I’m trying something new … and this something new was a poker in and of itself … A fancy, schmancy Pre-Order form!!!

If you are attending the event and would like to pre-order to save big on books, click here, for the form.  I’ll be talking more about this in my upcoming posts as well!

I’m so SQUEE to be back, and I’ve missed you all!!!  Yay for lifting the radio silence!!!

Happy Hugs and Silliness,

Mary Kate  :0)