Busy SQUEE Bee!!!

A Busy Bee Bringing You SQUEE!

Busy SQUEE Bee Mary Kate Kopec

Hi!!! Happy Friday to all of you, my beautiful happy wonderful SQUEE-Peeps!!!  Hope my Busy Bee brings you SQUEE, PINK, and a big smile and hug today! :0)


To help with the somber, sadness, and anxiety that many of us are feeling these days … please remember to smile at your neighbor, hug your friends, and spread SQUEE and PINK wherever you can!!!  We need as much as we can get.  <3  If ever there was a time for kindness and a helping, supportive hand and word, it’s now.  Think SQUEE.  Think PINK.  And make Positive Happen!!!  <3

Love you,

Mary Kate  :0)

Oh, … and maybe a happy escape … read a good book!!!  A happy one!!!  Maybe … Damn, Girl. That Sucks.  :0)







4 thoughts on “Busy SQUEE Bee!!!

  1. Adorable! Thanks for the happy picture.

    I did read something nice. Because of the American outrage over not letting people in the country. Those same people overseas got to see we don’t actually hate them as they previously believed. I saw quotes that were along the lines of “I thought American’s hates us. Now I know that isn’t true”. It was nice.

    • That is nice. I’m hoping that if nothing else all our protests show the world that we are not supporting this madness. Hopefully, they’ll understand it’s not us doing the talking. And that the voice making all the stoopid noise is in the minority.

      I’m so happy you like my picture! :0) That’s SQUEE in and of itself! <3

  2. The perfect time to some love and squee, Mary Kate. Feeling the squee <3
    The Chinese New Year was just a week ago and the love and happiness shared at Chinese celebrations was so welcome. BUT, "squee" is something we can have every day.
    Thank you for the cute Squee.

    • You’re welcome, Mimi! <3 Thanks for stopping by and saying HI. <3 I get very giddy when my squee posts work! Yes ... more happiness. Everyday. Yes, please. :0) Total SQUEE!!! <3

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