Positive Squee!-firmations (reaffirmations, but WAY better!) :0)

Positive Me Positive SQUEE Polka Dot Heart Mary Kate KopecPositive Squee!-firmations (reaffirmations, but WAY better!)  :0)

Love starts with Me.

I will love me.

I will believe in me.

I will be nice to me.

I will not put myself down.

I will not compare myself to others to self-shred.

I will grow, live, learn, and love to my Squee-ist!

Positive Me, Positive SQUEE!

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that the biggest difference I make is in my own community with the people around me – whether in person or online.  I smile, they smile back.  I’m kind, they’re kind back.  (Ok, not always … but A LOT of the time.)  :0)

I know there’s a lot of not-good in the world these days, and I know it can be scary or it can make me sad or feel bad, and even angry at times.  But I also know that when I’m not smiling, I notice less smiles around me, too.

I don’t know if my way really works … but just in case I’ll keep the PINK and the SQUEE and my smiles coming your way.  Because I love my happy SQUEE-Peeps, and I love living in a happy world.  I hope I bring love and happiness to you!!!

Love starts with Me!

Positive Me, Positive SQUEE!!!

Hugs and Love,

Mary Kate :0)