To my wonderful SQUEE-Peeps … with love!

Love Always Mary Kate

I’m not usually so quiet.  I’ve tried coming back a few times, but something new would happen, and back into my introvert shell I’d go.  It’s not been intentional.  It’s just that I’ve not needed quite so much quiet time … I think, ever.

2016 came out swinging like a pro, and I wasn’t ready, so I dropped.  Hard.  If you’ve had a rough year, too, I’m telling ya, I totally feel ya, and my heart is hopeful for a safer and healthier year next year.  It was a year of loss for me, and I’ll be missing many hearts for the rest of my life.  Although at times the weepies are still sneaky and creep up on me – pulling me right back into silence – I want to say thank you with all the love in my heart to all of you for your love and support.  So many of you reached out to me, and your hugs helped and are still helping!  So much!!!

I’m back to work now.  Writing and Educating.  And tackling my big projects and feeling sunshine with every word, every accomplishment … moving closer to my goal lines … and that feels good.  :0)

I always bounce back.  My heart got hurt big time this time, and it’s taking me a lil’ bit.  But don’t you worry.  All my PINK and SQUEE will be back in full force … so prepare yourself.  LOL.

Love you, always!

Mary Kate  :0)