A girl’s gotta have friends


Life can be damn hard. Just ask Ivy Baines. And it can feel even harder if you have to do it alone. And that’s exactly how Ivy feels. Alone.

That is until one too many knock-down punches from life lands her in the company of four women. Four caring and compassionate women who know a thing or two about life’s little love taps. And when they come across Ivy in severe meltdown mode, they step in to help out and lend her a shoulder to cry on.

Fast friends, life is still hard, but feels more manageable, and Ivy knows just how lucky she’s just gotten.

The friends lineup:


Li Chang Inspiration Model Pic

Li Chang Inspiration Model Pic

Li Chang is in her mid- to late twenties, an artist, and is currently dating Koa Kiko—a really great guy. She mostly works in oils and acrylics, doing a lot of murals and paintings on commission. She’s traveled the art fair circuit, and she finds it exhausting, so she’s happy to make less working at home and staying local doing what she loves.

Li is of slight frame and about 5’6”. Brown hair in a razor cut bob with bleached tips, brown eyes, and a whole lot of spunky rebellious attitude. She’s soft spoken and nice as the day is long.


Terry Greyson Inspiration Model Pic

Terry Greyson Inspiration Model Pic

Terry Greyson is in her late forties, about 5’3”, and she is the office manager for Chester’s local family dentist, Dr. Kenneth Kaine. She’s down to earth, level-headed, and she says exactly what she means. Not one to beat around the bush, she sometimes comes off a bit shocking, but she’s as genuine as can be.

Ever since Willow got a hold of her hair, Terry’s been wearing it a bit different than her picture above. Currently, her hair is dark brown, cut in an edgy pixie cut and sprinkled with bright raspberry streaks. Terry loves her tattoos and freedom of expression. She hasn’t found “the one” yet, but when she finds her, Terry’s life will finally be complete with all the love she hopes for.


Willow LaFoy Inspiration  Pic as modeled by the always beautiful Thandie Newton

Willow LaFoy Inspiration Pic as modeled by the always beautiful Thandie Newton

Willow LaFoy is in her mid- to late twenties, 5’10”, and a stunner. Working part-time as a hairdresser and beauty consultant, Willow also models part-time, and she was once spotlighted in a national commercial on TV. Her goal is to complete her Bachelor’s in Sociology, then Master’s, to become a clinical sociologist specializing in women’s health issues.

Willow is quieter than the rest of the girls, and she has a very calming effect on the people around her. She is self-confident, but has no idea how pretty she is, so when people mention it, she gets a bit self-effacing. And if you sit still long enough, she’ll have your hair done up in ways you never imagined, and she always makes you look great!

And Sasha

Sasha Delaney Inspiration Model Pic

Sasha Delaney Inspiration Model Pic

Sasha Delaney is the baby of the group. She’s twenty-four, 5’7”, and a 1st grade school teacher at Community Hands Charter School in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She loves teaching, and she loves her students. She doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, but she’s a hopeless and happy romantic. And when love and relationships are the topic of conversation, she’s always encouraging and excited about the possibilities!

Sasha is confident and not afraid to speak her mind, and big on emotion. She’s quick to smile, and quick to hug. Super supportive, she’s ready to help anytime she can. Her romantic, soft, chocolate curls and large, soulful brown eyes, give Sasha a look of innocence that is misplaced. However, she is the sunshine in any room.

These four fantastic ladies live at Chester’s Hope House in Chester, Michigan with Dan Davies (the house manager) and Ivy Baines.  They have a happy secret to share with Ivy, and they’re pretty sure that Dan has the hots for her . . . which of course has Sasha giddy and beaming with excitement!

Chester's Hope House

Chester’s Hope House

I think in life we all wish for that friend or that group of friends that we know we can count on when the chips are down, and for Ivy, she gets lucky when her path crosses with Li, Terry, Willow, and Sasha. If all goes well, they just may be friends for life.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these character introductions (as well as getting to meet Ivy Baines, Dan Davies, Erik Slater, and Matt Killian in previous posts).  I’d love to hear from you, and if you have any thoughts you’d like to share about Ivy and her world so far, post them below and I will be happy to get back with you!

I’m happy to report I am making great progress with this Secret Titled book, and I hope to have happy news about getting it to my beta readers soon.  I’ll keep you posted!!!


8 thoughts on “A girl’s gotta have friends

    • Hi Lena!!! How nice of you to stop by and leave a comment. :0)
      These ladies are so thoughtful and caring … I just want to hug them. :0) Good friends get big hugs!!!

    • Hi Paul! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a happy comment. :0)
      They are fantastic … and I think everybody should have such wonderful friends in their lives. :0)

  1. Ivy has some great friends 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know all of the characters in this book. Thanks MKK 🙂

  2. I’m even more excited for Ivy. I can’t wait to read this book and see how it all comes together. Ivy I’m so glad MK gave you great friends. 🙂

    • Hi Belinda! Yep, Ivy needed some friends … life was getting damned hard there for a bit. Having some good friends is making all the difference. :0)

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