It’s time to meet the men in Ivy Baines’ life (Dan Davies: Part 1 of 3)

I decided the best way to introduce you to the men in Ivy’s life was to give them and their lives to you in grayscale and in biosketch. It’s my attempt to level the playing field and not give you any unfair ideas as to who might end up with Ivy. Especially as in all honesty, she doesn’t know yet. I just tossed them all into the mix, and now they’re all still trying to figure it out. I can tell you this though … I am having fun writing it. And I’m looking forward to you all reading it.

So in this post, I’m going to start with Dan Davies. We’ll kind of do an order of appearance thing, like in the movies.

Well, this is the beautiful Charlie Hunnam (thank you for this fabulous picture) ... and for all of the pictures of Charlie, this one is perfect for Dan Davies.  It's exactly as I picture him ... although admittedly, he's usually wearing a shirt.

Well, this is the beautiful Charlie Hunnam (thank you for this fabulous picture) … and for all of the pictures of Charlie, this one is perfect for Dan Davies. It’s exactly as I picture him … although admittedly, he’s usually wearing a shirt.

Dan Davies is 34, and he’s been the house manager at Chester’s Hope House for just over 8 years. He started working there a few months before Ivy arrived. He is responsible for the safety and living conditions of the 58 residents living there. The House is underwritten and supported by a legacy grant from Abel Chester (the grandson of the village’s founder). Dan, in cooperation with three elected house regents, ensures that the House is managed in accordance with the grant established bylaws.

I really like Dan. He’s quiet, thoughtful, loves to read, and he has the looks of a good guy gone badass. He rides a black Harley Road King, and this along with his quiet badass looks makes a lot people think he’s all kinds of trouble. But really, he just likes to ride, and he likes it do it on old school thunder. (To me, the quiet, thoughtful, tall, muscular thing just comes off as intriguing and sexy as hell.) When he has the time, he likes to ride along with the Great Lakes Road H.O.G.s. They usually spend the summer doing tours of the lakes. Dan likes the scenery, the food, and the chance to swim in the lakes to wash away the grit of the road and the heat of the summer sun. (The ladies just like to watch him walk out of the water.)

Dan's bike (Thank you to Harley-Davidson for such a beautiful pic.)

Dan’s bike
(Thank you to Harley-Davidson for such a beautiful pic.)

Dan met Ivy when she moved in during her early days of college. She was so pretty then, and still is now. And she’s a workaholic. Something he can relate to. She is determined to be successful, and he likes that about her. She’s also a well behaved resident, and that makes his job easier, so that’s a bonus.

As part of his compensation for being the house manager at Chester’s Hope House, he is provided an apartment in the house, and he has a private area in the backyard that is for his own use. He hangs his hammock there for quiet reading.

Dan loves to read, and he loves to read while relaxing in his hammock.

Dan loves to read, and he loves to read while relaxing in his hammock.

If you look on Dan’s bookshelves, you’ll find books on business, how-to home repair, gardening and landscaping, psychology, leadership, and social dynamics. He also has a varied assortment of history books and a fair number of the classics. And ever since Ivy moved in, he’s been reading up on plays. He has a copy of Sam Shepard: Seven Plays. It’s one of her favorites.

Do you have any questions for Dan or for me? Post them below.

Next post will be about Erik Slater, another hotty who has crossed paths with Ivy. And the hot pool of hopefuls gets bigger.

Hi, I’m Ivy Baines. Mary Kate said I should tell you a little about myself …

Ivy Baines Bio Pic from her Falling After Fall playbill

Ivy Baines Bio Pic from her Falling After Fall playbill

Hi! I’m Ivy Baines. I am the protagonist of this newest story by Mary Kate Kopec. So far she’s keeping the title a secret, even from me. But she seems really excited about it, so I’m excited, too. All I can say about Mary Kate is that I hope she’s nice to me. She has a reputation for dragging her characters through hell, and all I want from life is a nice, peaceful, friend-filled happiness with enough success to get me back to New York. I’m working my ass off trying to become America’s next greatest playwright.

A few years ago I actually made it to Off-Broadway with my play Falling After Fall. I was showcased at the Lillith Rose Theater for the full length of my contract: 27 weeks, 162 performances. So far, it’s been the most exhilarating thing to happen to me, and I really just want more. It was hard work, but I felt happy.

Falling After Fall Playbill

Falling After Fall Playbill

Lillith Rose Theater

Lillith Rose Theater

Turns out though, making a living at being a full-time playwright is a lot harder than it sounds. And until I get back to New York, I’m currently working at Word In Print. This little excerpt from my story will tell you everything you need to know about how this isn’t the last stop on my career path:

“And now, here I am, stuck in the pay bills, keep a roof over my head and food in my belly rut. I work a hundred-twenty, plus, hours a week, part-time, no benefits, on commission at Word In Print, a one stop shopping spot for spruced up blather that sells. Magazine editors from the English speaking world ‘round fill their pages with our written gab. My editors Ferguson, Fitch, and Wright make my life a living hell. They’ve been dangling the full-time, real-pay, Senior Writer position under my nose for the last four and a half years. If only I would work harder, write faster, have more degrees. I started writing for them just before I finished my Associate’s degree in English, and that’s when I started chasing the carrot.”

So that’s work, and apparently Mary Kate wasn’t listening when I asked for the nice, peaceful, successful part of my life. Guess we’ll have to wait to see what she has in store for me.

A quick few highlights about me. The picture of me above … don’t I look nice? That’s me after an all-day stint at the spa. It was my bio pic in the playbill for Falling After Fall. It’s the best picture I have, and it’s my favorite.

I have a sweet tooth. It likes things that are bad for me, but things that I love. Cupcakes, pancakes with hot buttery syrup, cake … pretty much if it has the word cake in it, I love it.

I don’t have my own car. So I walk a lot and take the bus. … Let me show you where I live.

Chester's Hope House

Chester’s Hope House

Here’s a picture of Chester’s Hope House. It’s this old, but lovely renovated Victorian in Chester, Michigan. I love living here, but I don’t love my roommate. The rent is affordable, and by affordable, I mean cheap. But fifty bucks a week gets me a shared room, shared bathroom, and dinner every night. So it’s all good. Someday I’ll have my own place, but for now, I really like it here.

Music? … I’m all over the place. Love most of it, and what I don’t, I can probably tolerate. I love to read, but don’t seem to ever have time with all the writing I do. My favorite books … don’t laugh … but I love to read cheesy, over-the-top romances. The sappier the better. Doesn’t matter if they’re contemporary, vamp/werewolf, sci-fi, historical, even the too-hot too-rich guy ones saving the girl. They make me laugh and groan … and in the end, they just make me happy. I think it’s just me needing to balance out all the highbrow literature I’ve waded through in college and ever since for writing plays. Some of it’s been fantastic, but sometimes I think some people write just to show off their IQ’s. And I think that’s kinda boring.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. When Mary Kate gets done writing my story, we’ll all get to see how my life turns out. Do me a favor—post below and vote for me. Tell her she should be nice and give me a happy ending. Because at the moment, I’m not sure she’s convinced.

See you in there (book currently with secret title),