SQUEE Snaps in Michigan and Thank’n My Bright PINK Stars!

Mary Kate Kopec Happy Pics in Michigan

Hi All you wonderful beautiful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!  Happy Friday!!!

As promised, here are a few snaps from my recent trip to MI.  Which one is your favorite?  :0)

Getting sunny snaps was a hit or miss as the weekend was mostly big rain clouds floating by.  So there’s a mixture of bright with some overcast, but for me, they were all a delight.  I just love the warm months in Michigan!!!  Looking forward to more and more!!!

As a personal little tidbit, if you knew me back in my twenties (what??? I’m not still in my twenties? … oh, how you make me gush!  LOL), you knew me as a happy, but determined, and even hard-as-nails, gonna-tackle-the-world student, researcher, and scientist.  My left brain was in charge, and it dominated.

But then I met Pauli and he sparked silliness, big time happiness, and laughter in me.  He got me outside … out of the lab … and he showed me that life didn’t always have to be work, work, work … serious, serious, serious.  And thank the bright PINK stars he did!!!

Over the years, I’ve picked up writing fiction and letting my right brain have a go.  And then I met Lena … a professional digital wizard as I call her, and the most wonderful digi-scribbler I know.  And she taught me I could be a digi-scribbler, too (except my skill is that of a 4 yr old – but still, it’s silly and fun and giggly-squee, so I’ll keep on, keepin’ on!).  And now I’ve picked up a camera!

Having fun, laughter, happiness, Paul, Lena, all of you, and letting my right brain breathe and be silly is most definitely what my life needed!  Thank’n my bright PINK stars, that’s for sure!

How do you let your right brain breathe (aka, what do you do for fun?)?

Happy Friday!!!  Happy Silly Smiles and Giant Squeezy Hugs!

Mary Kate  :0)

Look what I snapped just in time!!!

Love Will Shine Through Mary Kate Kopec

Hi all you happy wonderful beautiful SQUEE-Peeps!!!!  Ecstatic Friday and start to a wonderful holiday weekend to you!!!  Pauli and I just got back from MI.  We were launching the opening of my new online learning and advising academy biz – The Best You PAL Academy.  We also went to a nephew’s wedding in Glen Arbor, MI near Traverse City and in the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  We’d never been there, and if you’ve never been either … it’s a must-do!!!  It’s ridickerously beautiful!!!  The dunes are crazy high and the nature is absolutely lovely!  (I’m saving some pics for another post.) And lookie here what I snapped a picture of –  a HEART smack dab in the middle of the clouds.  That’s untouched by Photoshop.  That’s a real heart right up there in the sky … a beautiful blue sky clearing in the middle of a on-again-off-again stormy day.  When I saw it, I grabbed for my camera and started clicking away.  The clouds were moving at a fair clip, and the heart didn’t last very long.  I’m so glad I looked up at just the right moment!!!  :0)

This picture is of the East Arm Grand Traverse Bay!  The clouds made for an amazingly striking day!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a safe and happy weekend!!!

Love and Hugs and Silly Smiles,

Mary Kate  :0)