Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2016!

Mary Kate's 2016 Christmas Greeting

Bring on the SQUEE!!!  The LOVE!!!  And the PINK!!!  After the year we’ve had, we need some Squeetastic and Silly goodwill!!!

I’ve been making cookies and being a gifty-gifter.  My tree is up.  The stockings are hung.  And I found this wonderful Youtube video that plays mellow Christmas music along with a crackling, popping fireplace fire.  It’s totally delightful, and I’ve been playing it on repeat while I work.  :0)

For my good intentions and thoughts to share:

May we all be surrounded by good people and true love

May we feel SQUEE and PINK in our hearts and share it with those around us

May all the yummy nummies that we savor bring a smile to our faces and zero inches to our bottoms – not likely on that second part … but still it’s fun to ask for … LOL

May laughter fill our ears, the sight of loved ones brighten our eyes, and the warmth of their touch keep away the chill

May we be generous when we can, and caring and kind always

May our traditions and celebrations remind us of what is important to us, may they keep and hold us, and may they guide us to always strive to be our best, happiest (Squee-est and Pink-est), loving-est selves

And may we be thankful for all that we have … our health and every heart that holds us tight … our safety and the roofs over our heads … our nourishment, that of food, clean water, and the opportunity to take care of ourselves each and every day … and peace, that which we make and are willing to share.

And may you know I love you always!

Mary Kate :0)