Smiling SQUEE
You & Me!

PINKtacular Squee Mary Kate Kopec

Happy Friday to you all my beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!

My happiness challenge for you today … SMILE!  Smile and think of something wonderful you have done for yourself today … remind yourself you are beautiful, wonderful, bright, and Totally PINKtacular!  Reaffirm your amazingness and think your positive pinktacular thoughts!

Whatever your wonderful thing is:

You ate something good for you.  You hugged your honeybun.  You squeezed your kids and started their day off right.  You tamped down an anxiety attack.  You ate chocolate (see under: you ate something good for you!!!)  You didn’t think a bad thought.  You hydrated.  You got some exercise.  And on and on … you know what you’ve done for yourself …

Think it and be SQUEE and SMILE!!!  And brighten your day!!!

And then smile at the next person you see who isn’t smiling and help brighten their day!

One smile at a time, we’re making our Friday a beautiful wonderful bright PINKtacular SQUEE day!

Big Hugs!!!

Mary Kate :0)

Choco-delights!!! … A couple of my favorite recipes!!!

Happy Friday!  I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the recipes for these delectable choco-delights!!!  I do like to share!  :0)

Choco-delight recipes Mary Kate Kopec

In the upper left you see my Coconut Haystacks, and in the center/lower right are my Dirty Snowflakes.

Coconut Haystacks

Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Coconut.  Freezer safe baking sheet with baking or wax paper laid out on it.

I use organic when I can get it, so if you think the coconut looks a little shreddy compared to what  you are used to seeing, that’s why.  Use whatever you prefer.  :0)

In a double boiler or in a microwave safe bowl, gently melt the chocolate.  I use about a 60/40 dark/white mixture.  I prefer adding the white chocolate to dark as it cuts the “bitter” of dark, and it tastes better than milk chocolate to me.  But hey, if you want milk chocolate, they’re your haystacks … you go for it!  :0)  Then I add enough coconut that it’s almost too much for the chocolate.  Again, that is a preference.  If you like more chocolate to your coconut, add less coconut.  This is all about what you like to get the mixture you like.  And as you can tell, a little less like a recipe and more of a toss-together.  :0)  Once you’ve got your coconut stirred in.  Drop mixture in blops (yep, that’s my technical term) on your paper … again you pick the size of your blops.  I like mine on the smaller size.  Bite sized.  If they’re too big, then I don’t feel like I can pop them like popcorn without guilt.  LOL!  But totally true!  Place in the freezer for about 5 minutes to set up.  Devour!  Or sample and save some for later.  I do both.  :0)

Dirty Snowflakes

Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mini Marshmallows, and Pecans (food-processored to tiny bits).  Sheet of baking or wax paper and sharp knife.

Melt chocolate as above.  Add in mini marshmallows and pecans and toss (mix) until a thin coating is all over all the mallows and nuts.  I like to add a lot of mallows and a couple of spoonfuls of nuts to about a 1/2 cup melted chocolate.  Then you turn out your yummy choco-slop onto a piece of baking or wax paper, and kind of form it into a log.  Roll the paper around the log, folding the seem edges down toward the roll (think like a roll of cookie dough), and use your roll to tighten and shape your log of choco-goop into a nice log (like a roll of cookie dough).  Once you get it all smooshed inside your rolled up paper, twist the ends like a bon bon to seal up.  Place in freezer for about 15 minutes to set.  Then remove from freezer, unroll paper, and using sharp knife, cut into thin slices and Devour!

These are some of my “Almost No Time at All” to make faves.  When I’m overworked and under slept, and I need choco-treats … these are my easy and fast go-to’s.  Hope you love them!!!  Enjoy!!!!

PS: I like to store my leftovers in the fridge, cuz I like to keep them firm.  You can also choose the freezer, or room temp.  All these choices for devouring your yummy chocolate!!!  :0)

Hugs and Silliness!

Mary Kate :0)  <3