Love AND Bullets (Book 1)

Love AND Bullets Front Cover

Giffin Reese’s life changed forever the day her husband was shot down on a busy public street in broad daylight. They’d been in protective custody, but it hadn’t stopped the threat from becoming real. And their uncertainty and fear had coalesced into one terrifying, devastating flash of death.

Three years later, Giffin has finally pulled her life back together. She’s found her place being a philanthropist helping people in need. And she’s finally happy again. So when the threats return, this time leveled at her, she has to choose between walking away from the life she loves or fight and face dying.

Finding no one else able to help her, Giffin is forced to turn to the one man she doesn’t trust to help save her. How can he? He hadn’t even been able to save her husband.

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Love AND Bullets Excerpt

Love AND Bullets Excerpt

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