Damn, Girl. That Sucks.

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Ivy Baines can’t catch a break.

After a lifetime of running from her past busting her ass to make a better future, Ivy thinks she’s finally figured it out. She has a great boyfriend, Erik; a fabulous, affordable place to live; and the job that’s going to give her the legs she needs to get back to New York and On-Broadway, where Ivy’s playwright heart lives and dreams.

But Ivy’s life is about to get seriously derailed in the life smackdown of all smackdowns. Roll the credits and bring on the tears.

It’ll be the best thing that ever happens to her. But only if Ivy can accept who she is and trust that others will, too. Only if she can see that what she wants might not be what she really needs. Only if Ivy can see that what and who she really needs has been right there in front of her the whole time.

mature sexual content and occasional strong language

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*Damn, Girl. That Sucks.* Amazon Best Seller

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Ivy Baines quote from Damn, Girl. That Sucks.

Ivy Baines quote from Damn, Girl. That Sucks.

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