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What’s Next? MK’s new writing project

TRS Eve Feray Intro

Hi!  Now that Damn, Girl. That Sucks. is successfully launched to giddy clapping and making readers happy — which you know makes me SUPER SQUEE, it’s time to move on to my next big writing thing.

So many of you have expressed interest in what’s banging around in my brain this go around, so I’m considering doing a series of progress posts … but not sure.  Thinking about it.  You can comment below or message me your thoughts, if you’d like, to help me decide.  But for now, I want to share the big picture idea and introduce you to some of the main characters that I’m envisioning.

So … the big picture.  :0)

As I see it now, I’m writing a new adult, paranormal/urban fantasy/sci-fi-ish-romance-action-suspense-mystery series.  I have 3 novels slated (Tempted, Bound, & Fierce) … however, knowing how my brain works, I’m allowing for more … maybe 4 or 5.  But not more than that.  I’d like to see the story come together in 3 books, but allowing for the unknown.

Now, having been predominantly a rom-com, chicklit-rom, and rom-action-suspense-mystery author so far, I know some of you might be groaning at the paranormal/urban fantasy/sci-fi-ish-ness that I’ve mentioned, while some of you are jumping for joy.  Grab the nearest bar of chocolate or slab of chocolate cake … and don’t panic.  Let me explain.  It’s still me.  Still my writing style.  Just expanding my horizons and incorporating my science background a bit.  Perhaps you recall my graduate work in Human Genetics and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  Plus my research life in the pharmaceutical industry.  Yeah, I know … a mouthful … and years of my life that I don’t use all that much anymore, well … except for in my pre-health advising.  So I thought I’d sprinkle some of that into my writing … because this really kick-ass idea came to me a couple of years ago … and I was pretty much all like … Gonna have to write that!

I’m not, yet, going tell you the specific thingy/part that makes my series paranormal/urban fantasy/sci-fi-ish.  Because it’s (as far as I know) a new idea.  I’ve researched, and unless I missed it, no one else is doing this.  So I’m sure you can understand why I’m going to protect my idea for a while.  :0)

What I will tell you is that Eve Feray (pretty sure that’s her name) is the main character.  Eve is a scientist with a deadly and unavoidable secret.  This secret makes her different.  And to Eve, different is not good.  It keeps her from having a “normal” life.  It keeps her from having the thing she wants most … someone to love her and to love back.

Ben (still thinking about his last name) is the homicide detective that will be the first to bring trouble her way.  He’s fast-thinking and quick on his feet–not good qualities for Eve.  And he has Eve in his sights.  But will he figure out her secret before it gets him killed?

Ben will stumble into a string of unexplainable deaths which will lead him to Eve’s research lab door.  She’s beautiful and alluring in a way he’s never experienced, and he doesn’t like the attraction he feels.  He doesn’t like not being in control.  For Eve, Ben’s all kinds of hard around the edges, and he’s asking questions that she can’t answer.  Won’t answer.  And she doesn’t like the pull toward him she feels.  It’s new.  Strange.  Strong.  And unwelcome.

They’ll both fight it, not that it will do them a damn bit of good.

And, well … so … that’s the big picture … to start.  :0)

If I’ve learned anything about me and my computer … I sit down with an idea, and I create my characters.  We figure out who they are, what they want, and what stands in their way.  I tell them the overall story line I’m thinking about  … and then, together, we pound on the keyboard and see where it takes us.  In Love AND Revenge, I had a whole story planned, and at the end of the first act, Seamus made a decision that I did not see coming, and it changed the whole rest of the book.  New characters, new scenes … tons of research ignored … and tons of new research done.  So for as much as I’d like to tell you more … really … I just don’t know.  And that’s probably the hardest part of my job as a writer, but also my favorite.  I love how I don’t even know how my story is going to end up.  I have an idea … and maybe … it might just hit the page.  But, like you, I have to wait and see how the words land.

I’m super excited about this new series.  I’ve been waiting for a couple of years to write it.  Being already committed to other projects and then moving 3 times in 4 years (2 of those moves across country) and a whole schlew of other life happenings, I’ve had to keep postponing.  I’ve done so much research and planning … and I can’t wait to see this story come alive!

I hope you are as excited as I am!!!  More intro posts to come. :0)

Thanks, always, for stopping by.  I love hearing from you!  Your love keeps me Squee!

Hugs, Happiness, Chocolate, and Silly Smiles!

Mary Kate :0)