Feeling Absoloodely Squeelightful!

Squeelightful Mary Kate Kopec

Happy Friday all my Beautiful Wonderful Happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!

At the moment, I’m feeling absoloodely squeelightful!!!  I’ve had a great week helping all my new students as they get ready to apply to medical or dental school, and it feels invigorating and jump-up-and-down-giddytacular!!!  In my new biz, The Best You PAL Academy, I’m meeting terrific people who really care, and who want to help others live healthy lives and have healthy, happy smiles … and that’s a wonderful thing!!!

Damn, Girl. That Sucks. Mary Kate KopecAnd My Thankful, Happy, Smile and SQUEE Sharing Goodwill Tour has been such a Pinktacular success!!!  And that feels good!!!

And Pauli and I will be celebrating a special anniversary soon!!!  And we have a perfect silly date night all planned out!!!

So with all the hard work rolling at me … and my lists growing ever longer … I’m smiling and digging in with absoloodle squeelight!!!

I wish you an absoloodely squeelightful day and weekend!!!  With lots of chocolate, giggles, sunshine, and fun!!!

Big Hugs,

Mary Kate

Smiling SQUEE
You & Me!

PINKtacular Squee Mary Kate Kopec

Happy Friday to you all my beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!

My happiness challenge for you today … SMILE!  Smile and think of something wonderful you have done for yourself today … remind yourself you are beautiful, wonderful, bright, and Totally PINKtacular!  Reaffirm your amazingness and think your positive pinktacular thoughts!

Whatever your wonderful thing is:

You ate something good for you.  You hugged your honeybun.  You squeezed your kids and started their day off right.  You tamped down an anxiety attack.  You ate chocolate (see under: you ate something good for you!!!)  You didn’t think a bad thought.  You hydrated.  You got some exercise.  And on and on … you know what you’ve done for yourself …

Think it and be SQUEE and SMILE!!!  And brighten your day!!!

And then smile at the next person you see who isn’t smiling and help brighten their day!

One smile at a time, we’re making our Friday a beautiful wonderful bright PINKtacular SQUEE day!

Big Hugs!!!

Mary Kate :0)