Happy PINKmas!!! If you loved Dip & Devour before … wait til you read it now!!!

Dip & Devour Anniversary Edition 99c Book

Merry PINKmas!!!  Merry SQUEEmas!!!  Merry Christmas!!!  And Happy Holidays!!!

Calling all lovers of Dip & Devour classic edition … if you loved it then, you’ll love it now … and even more!!!  And you can get the updated Anniversary Edition Ebook for only 99 cents for a limited time on Amazon!  Run, don’t skip or hop, lollygag, walk, or slumber your way there … RUN, NOW!!! … and get your copy fast!!!  (And then tell everyone you love, so they can love it for practically free, too!!!)

Click here to download your Ebook copy!

It’s taken me way longer than I ever wanted to get this new edition to you … first there were problems with the cover … and more problems with the cover … and Amazon … still problems with the cover.  When you are as excited as I am about getting this fun into your hands, all you want is for everything to go smoothly and quickly … but no!  Thank you for your patience while you’ve been forced to wait, like me … tapping your toe rapidly in expectation!!!

Bring on the happy!  Bring on the smiles!!!  Bring on the Chocolate Dipped Holiday SQUEE-ness and enjoy!!!!

Love and Hugs,

Mary Kate

Oh My Pinkness!!! 6 Minutes of SQUEE Silliness!!!

Oh My Pinkness by Mary Kate Kopec

Hi All!!  For you today, I have 6 minutes of video silliness with a very happy thank you to you, some news, and some chitchat!

Lemme know how you like the video … it’s something new I’m trying for you!  :0)

And next time … I’ll make sure to check the back of my hair first.  Rookie faux pas.  LOL!

Hugs and Silliness!!!

Mary Kate :0)

MKKBLog1 from Mary Kopec on Vimeo.

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