About Me

I live on laughter, happiness, and SQUEE!

I think platforms heels were designed to slow women down, so men could catch us. Okay by me. I like getting caught. So the higher the heel, the better.

A creature of habit, breaking the rules is kind of my thing. But we’ll let that be our little secret. And seriously, 8 a.m. only looks good if it’s the end of my night.

I feed on fruit smoothies, chocolate, and pretty things that sparkle.

My bucket list consists of waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and Italy.

Exercise is for other people. But if it looks like fun, Call Me! I’ve zip-lined, river-rafted, and hiked in the Grand Tetons. Long walks and doing fun things outdoors are more my speed. I still need to get up in a hot air balloon.

And my perfect day, whatever that is, includes a perfect night gazing up at the stars.

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